IM Levy Rozman

Full name
Levy Rozman
Dec 5, 1995 (age 25)‎
Place of birth
Brooklyn, NY USA
United States



Levy Rozman is an American international master, coach, commentator, and superstar streamer. He hosts GothamChess, one of the most popular chess channels on Twitch and YouTube.

Rozman is a chess personality and a strong tournament player and has won multiple city and state tournament championships.

Early Career To International Master

Rozman started playing chess as an after-school activity when he was six years old. He rose through the scholastic ranks quickly and earned his USChess national master title in 2011 at the age of sixteen.

IM Levy Rozman.
IM Levy Rozman. Photo: Levy Rozman/Twitter.

He reached his peak USChess rating of 2520 and FIDE rating of 2420 in 2018. He currently holds the title of international master and has beaten many strong players, including legendary GM Peter Svidler during one of's Titled Tuesday events.

Rozman's playing style is active and aggressive. In the following game, you can see his creative attacking abilities on display against a strong grandmaster. Rozman gives his own thoughts in the game annotations below:

GothamChess Channels

Rozman is the founder and host of the GothamChess channel, named after his hometown, New York. Besides Rozman, chess celebrities like GM Hikaru Nakamura, WGM Anna Rudolf, IM Eric Rosen, and others have appeared on his streams. Rozman's wit and humor have made him one of the top chess streamers in the world.

On his Twitch channel, Rozman streams his games, online tournament performances, coaching sessions, and educational content to nearly 110,000 followers. He also commentates on online tournaments and hosts sub battles against other streamers like Hikaru.

On YouTube, Rozman posts highlights of his Twitch stream. His educational content and analysis of games are big hits for his close to 130,000 fans. Here is a video from his famous "10-Minute Chess Openings" series, where Rozman teaches the Queen's Gambit opening. Commentating And Content Creation

Rozman has also worked with as a commentator for major events like the Pro Chess League, Titled Tuesdays, PogChamps, and even the 2020 Candidates Tournament. He has also coached players and commentated on PogChamps, the chess tournament with the biggest audience in history.

Rozman has also authored the interactive lesson "Don't Let Them Castle." True to his aggressive and sharp playing style, Rozman teaches members how to build successful attacks against their opponents.

IM Levy Rozman Don't Let Them Castle lesson.

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