Nakamura Becomes First To Break 3400 In Blitz On

Nakamura Becomes First To Break 3400 In Blitz On

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GM Hikaru Nakamura recently extended his record on to become the first player ever to break 3400 in blitz. His new high of 3405 is 28 points higher than number two on the list, GM Magnus Carlsen.

The electrifying online blitz rivalry between the two titans of the chess world shows no signs of ending. Nakamura set a new high of 3334 last November, breaking his own record by two points, a mark which had stood for nearly three years. That record didn't stay for long, as Carlsen retained the record in December, taking it to 3340.

The Norwegian eventually extended the record in the earliest days of 2024, to 3378, but Nakamura clearly wasn't interested in things staying that way for long. On February 9, Nakamura shattered the 3400 barrier to retake the throne as the blitz king on

Nakamura broke 3400 with a crushing 13 straight wins against 2890-rated Mark_Christian29 from the Philippines in three-minute blitz. He eventually extended the record by another five points with a five wins against NM James Chirilov, rated over 2800 in blitz. 

The record was set thanks to a brutal finish.

However, with a huge rating edge of hundreds of points over almost any opponent, losses are costly, and the 36-year-old's blitz rating has since dropped to 3310, second on the leaderboard behind Carlsen's 3341. 

On the list of the highest-ever blitz ratings, Nakamura tops the list, 28 points ahead of Carlsen. Third-place Indian youngster GM Nihal Sarin is another 100 points behind Carlsen.

Player Real name Rating Date achieved
@Hikaru Hikaru Nakamura 3405 February 9, 2024
@MagnusCarlsen Magnus Carlsen 3377 January 3, 2024
@nihalsarin Nihal Sarin 3277 May 27, 2023
@DanielNaroditsky Daniel Naroditsky 3267 January 25, 2024
@Sibelephant Vladislav Artemiev 3239 April 22, 2020
@Firouzja2003 Alireza Firouzja 3233 January 31, 2020
@HansOnTwitch Hans Niemann 3230 January 30, 2024
@LyonBeast Maxime Vachier-Lagrave 3212 September 20, 2023
@Muisback Rauf Mamedov 3205 August 10, 2022
@Bigfish1995 Vladimir Fedoseev 3205 January 30, 2024

Nakamura's journey as Hikaru started in 2014. Ten years later, the now-famous chess streamer has played more than 50,000 games on the platform, and 37,000 of them in blitz. He has constantly dominated the leaderboards in both blitz and bullet, but is facing stiff competition from rivals such as Carlsen, who has become more active on in the past year.

Carlsen, who has just qualified for the final in the 2024 Freestyle Chess G.O.A.T Challenge in Germany, has understandably refrained from any blitz on since he won 3-1 in a match against GM Daniel Naroditsky on February 8.

Nakamura on the other hand, is set to make his debut in the German Bundesliga February 23-25, which could serve as his final preparation as he tries to qualify for a World Championship match in the Candidates Tournament in April.

Until then, we're bound to face a few more clashes between the two in Titled Cup on Tuesdays.

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