Nakamura Wins 3rd Straight Titled Tuesday

Nakamura Wins 3rd Straight Titled Tuesday

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GM Hikaru Nakamura, the highest-rated blitz player on, had his most successful Titled Tuesday yesterday. He won his third straight, his first outright, and tied his highest score. 

He is the second player to achieve a "Titled Tuesday turkey" -- GM Baadur Jobava also won three consecutive titles earlier this year. In the race for most lifetime first-place finishes in Titled Tuesday, Nakamura still trails two men. Jobava and GM Georg Meier remain tied with four each.

(picture right taken by Peter Doggers at 2015 Norway Chess)

Nakamura won $750, the largest payday to date in TT. The prize fund was increased from $1,000 to $2,000 starting last month, but he is the first outright winner since then.

GM Hikaru Nakamura's photoshoot prior to the 2014 Sinquefield Cup. The nice thing about Titled Tuesday? You can play in your pajamas.

Yesterday's victory could have been historic; it was nonetheless Nakamura's smoothest event to date. He was rarely in trouble for the first seven rounds, winning them all to create a 1.5 point gap with the field. He had a chance to break the all-time single-event mark of 8.5/9 (set by Meier in TT 2) but instead took two quick draws (four moves and 12 moves) in the final two rounds to ensure first. vice president IM Danny Rensch said a "perfect score" award may be added in the future. Let us know in the comments if you agree! [Update: Rensch has announced that a $250 perfect 9/9 prize will begin with the next Titled Tuesday on August 4.]

The only perfect scores in a TT event were turned in by Jobava, but those were in shortened events rather than the normal nine-round contests.

Nakamura won four(!) knight vs. bishop positions in the opening games, flip-flopping which minor piece he took with him into the endgame. In round one, he played the first of several Pirc Defenses, and got the archetypical dominant knight versus passive bishop.

The following round Nakamura had the bishop, but the board opened up so his result was the same: another win.

Round three he was back to having the knight in his holster. The strangeness of the ending could not be overlooked: he was down a pawn and he placed his knight in the corner, yet had the better chances!

With time running low it seemed GM Bassem Amin (Egypt and Africa's number one player) found a brilliant drawing idea with 55...Bxg3. It turned out the idea had a subtle flaw, which Nakamura found quite quickly:

In round four Nakamura used the knight again, this time in tandem with some rooks, to defeat GM Maxim Dlugy's bishop and rooks.

His third title was essentially sewn up in round seven, with, what else, another knight vs. bishop position (this time he took the latter). Before the ending though there was a complete mess on the board. At one point, Nakamura, playing Black, even castled with a white knight on f7 -- not a common thing to do!

While the endgame clinic was being performed in the opening hour, a few breakout performances began unfolding. The first was from young NM Hans Niemann. He will always be the answer to the trivia question, "Who was the last person to play GM Walter Browne in a rated game?" But the 11-year-old also made a name for himself at this Titled Tuesday, which happened to be the 11th edition. This begs the question, is there a such thing as a "Golden Titled Tuesday?" member "HansCoolNiemann" -- could his middle name really be so Cool?

He broke through the fortress in round two to keep alive his perfect score:

After having a strong IM on the ropes in round three, Niemann allowed a comeback, but then won four of his last six to finish with 6.0/9.

Another pre-teen made his mark at TT. Slightly under the radar at the beginning, 10-year-old FM Nodirbek Abdusattorov, the highest-rated U-12 player in the world, went a half-point better and scored 6.5/9.

The Uzbek youngster beat two IMs and a GM along the way. Here's a nice finishing tactic in round eight against a past Death Match champion. Maybe a Niemann-Abdusattorov Death Match pairing should be scheduled?

If you want to see all of the kid's destruction, here are all nine of the games he played.

The final "surprise" result came from WGM Aleksandra Dmitrijevic of Serbia, who turned in easily the best female performance of all time. She did so well, she won't even win the female prize, as she tied for second with 7.0/9, which is more money!

WGM Aleksandra Dimitrijevic became the first woman to win a top prize at TT.

Had she won the event, she would have tilted the record books and made it five lifetime wins for the Jobava family -- she's married to Baadur! Her run included wins over two IMs and then two GMs in the first four games.

Here is round four, when she showed extreme patience in a cramped position against a past winner of TT. Against GM Jose Calors Ibarra Jerez, Dmitrijevic took a page out of Nakamura's book and transitioned into a favorable knight vs. bishop ending.

She then lost to Nakamura, beat another GM, lost to Meier, then beat her fourth grandmaster before also taking out Abdusattorov in the final round (he sadly disconnected in a roughly level ending).

Meier, a TT diehard, played yesterday (he's played in most of the 11 Titled Tuesdays and likely has the most lifetime individual game points) but in a rare departure, never seriously challenged for first. He began 4.0/4 but flagged while trying to win game five, then drew in game six and the margin became too great to overtake Nakamura. Meier settled for a tie with Dmitrijevic for second with 7.0/9.

He did manage to turn in one of the most exciting games of the afternoon in round two:

In a moment of levity to make the average chess player feel better, you may also wish to play through to the ending of these two GMs. GM Imre Balog, who very nearly beat Meier in a Death Match upset, had a full 47 seconds left when tragedy struck (or was it comedy?).

The mistake is of course an extreme anomaly. Balog is an excellent blitz player; after Nakamura and Meier, he was the third-highest rated played at TT 11 (83 players and 17 GMs participated). "He's one of the top GMs in these events who's not that well known to the general community," Rensch said.

It turns out after this game Balog is in good company. Recall that GM Garry Kasparov once stalemated with Q+B against a lone king in a blitz tournament. You can compare Kasparov's reaction to the less-sedate Rensch, who reacted this way when watching live:

The next Titled Tuesday will be August 4 at 11 a.m. Pacific (GMT -7). Tune in for live commentary of every TT on

Which was the best game in Titled Tuesday 11? Check out the nominees and vote in our official survey to help award the $125 prize. 

Here are the final results from this edition:

Titled Tuesday| Final Standings (Top 30)

# Rk Fed Title Username Name Score SB
1 1 USA GM Hikaru Nakamura, Hikaru 8 43.25
2 2 SWE GM GeorgMeier Meier, Georg 7 34.75
3 52 SRB WGM lexiel Dimitrijevic, Aleksandra 7 30.5
4 18 HRV FM zmaj23 Sokac, Marko 6.5 31.75
5 12 RUS GM VSERGUEI Volkov, Sergey 6.5 30.5
6 10 USA GM Dlugy Dlugy, Maxim 6.5 30.25
7 4 AZE GM nijat_a Abasov, Nijat 6.5 29.75
8 8 USA GM RLH2 Hess, Robert 6.5 28.75
9 30 UZB FM Bek04 Abdusattorov, Nodirbek 6.5 19.25
10 5 VNM IM MinhGTrAn Tran, Minh 6 35.25
11 13 USA GM AlexanderL Lenderman, Alex 6 28
12 7 ESP GM jcibarra Ibarra Jerez, José Carlos 6 27.5
13 80 USA NM HansCoolNiemann Niemann, Hans 6 26.5
14 70 CHE NM pacific_heights C., S. 5.5 24.75
15 6 VNM FM wonderfultime Le, Minh 5.5 22.25
16 46 INT NM FancyPlaySyndrome undisclosed 5.5 19.25
17 39 USA NM matein28 studen, damir 5.5 19
18 41 USA NM canonjamaicaella diaz, conrado 5.5 18
19 26 UKR IM AndreyOstrovskiy Ostrovskiy, Andrey 5 21.5
20 36 USA NM jbj Xu, Grant 5 20.75
21 50 HUN IM DragonB70 undisclosed 5 20.5
22 21 GBR GM Ginger_GM Williams, Simon 5 19.5
23 15 EGY GM Dr-Bassem Amin, Bassem 5 19.5
24 24 USA IM Cryptochess Katz, Alexander 5 19
25 23 ROM GM manolash Marius, Manolache 5 19
26 20 VEN CM Danirod Rodriguez, Daniel 5 18.75
27 38 USA NM Viaje undisclosed 5 17.5
28 54 POL FM lukas_111111 Jarmula, Lukasz 5 16
29 59 ESP FM pedromartinez91 martinez, pedro 5 11
30 74 BRA FM jumbas Vainzoff Sztokbant, Bernardo 4.5 19.5
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