Oparin Wins 5th Speed Chess Grand Prix

Oparin Wins 5th Speed Chess Grand Prix

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Russian GM Grigoriy Oparin won the fifth Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix after beating Azerbaijan's GM Eltaj Safarli in the knockout final. GM Vladislav Kovalev of Belarus is the new leader of the overall Grand Prix leaderboard.

The next Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix will be played on July 7 at 10 a.m. Pacific / 19:00 Central Europe.

The fifth Speed Chess Grand Prix tournament was held on Tuesday, June 30, with 826 participants. It was GM Hikaru Nakamura who won the Swiss part with a tremendous 9.5/10 score.

The live broadcast of the tournament.

Nakamura (@Hikaru) was in excellent shape in that Swiss part, but in one spectacular game, he miraculously survived a devastating attack. This particular moment looked very much like a Puzzle Rush puzzle. Black to play and win.

June 30 Speed Chess Grand Prix | Swiss Final Standings (Top 20)

Rk Fed Title Username Name Score SB
1 GM @Hikaru Hikaru Nakamura 9.5 62.75
2 GM @youngKID Karthikeyan Murali 9 42
3 IM @Sankalp_Gupta2003 Sankalp Gupta 8.5 56
4 GM @Micki-taryan Haik Martirosyan 8.5 53.25
5 GM @Parhamov Parham Maghsoodloo 8.5 51.5
6 GM @Eltaj_Safarli Eltaj Safarli 8.5 51.25
7 GM @Izoria123 Zviad Izoria 8.5 49
8 GM @OparinGrigoriy Grigoriy Oparin 8.5 46.75
9 GM @Sibelephant Vladislav Artemiev 8 54
10 GM @vladislavkovalev Vladislav Kovalev 8 47.75
10 GM @Sam_ChessMood Samvel Ter-Sahakyan 8 47.75
12 GM @BilodeauA Kirill Alekseenko 8 47.5
13 IM @wonderfultime Tuan Minh Le 8 46.5
14 GM @crescentmoon2411 Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son 8 46
15 GM @GigaQuparadze Giga Kuparadze 8 45
16 GM @Igor_Lysyj Igor Lysyj 8 44.75
17 GM @Beca95 Aleksandar Indjic 8 44.5
18 GM @AlexVanGog Aleksey Goganov 8 44
19 GM @FabianoCaruana Fabiano Caruana 8 43.5
20 IM @GadimbayliA Abdulla Gadimbayli 8 43

In the eight-player knockout, however, Nakamura got eliminated right away by the eventual winner—in the most unfortunate manner. In what was a one-game minimatch in the round of 16, he suffered from internet issues, got disconnected, and lost on time on move 22.

Oparin (@OparinGrigoriy) followed up his lucky start by beating GM Haik Martirosyan (@Micki-taryan) 2-1, winning the bullet game after two draws in the blitz and then repeating the same feat against Safarli (@Eltaj_Safarli). His very last move of the tournament was a nasty bullet trick, sacrificing a rook but putting the opponent in check to increase the chance he flags—and Safarli did flag.

"Is that even fair?" commentator IM Danny Rensch wondered in the live broadcast, adding, still in doubt: "All is fair in chess and more and love..."

"I was so lucky today," Oparin said in the post-tournament interview. "I should not even have made it to the knockout stage. I was completely lost in round nine. And I didn't win a single game in the knockout, it was all decided in bullet."

Oparin won the $1,000 first prize and 12 GP points while Safarli took second ($500 and eight GP points). Martirosyan and GM Zviad Izoria (@Izoria123) both won $200 and four GP points while the losing quarterfinalists earned $100 and two GP points. 

WFM Oksana Gritsayeva of Russia (@chessmaugli) won the $100 prize for being the top-scoring female player.

Below are the current Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix standings. At the end of the season, the players with the four best scores will advance to the Speed Chess Championship to be hosted later this year.

Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix | Standings After June 30 (Top 20)

# Fed Title Name Username Swiss Points Bonus Points Overall Points
1 GM Vladislav Kovalev @vladislavkovalev 41 6 47
2 GM Vladislav Artemiev @Sibelephant 25 16 41
3 GM Vladimir Fedoseev @Bigfish1995 25.5 14 39.5
4 GM Parham Maghsoodloo @Parhamov 34 4 38
5 GM Haik Martirosyan @Micki-taryan 25.5 10 35.5
6 GM Grigoriy Oparin @OparinGrigoriy 17.5 16 33.5
7 IM Tuan Minh Le @wonderfultime 25 4 29
8 GM Dmitry Andreikin @2Vladimirovich90 17 12 29
9 GM Alireza Firouzja @Firouzja2003 17.5 10 27.5
10 IM Hans Niemann @IMHansNiemann 24.5 2 26.5
11 GM Sergey Karjakin @SergeyKarjakin 17 8 25
12 GM Anish Giri @AnishGiri 17 4 21
13 GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave @LyonBeast 9 12 21
14 GM Maxim Matlakov @Borsch7 16.5 4 20.5
15 GM Hikaru Nakamura @Hikaru 17.5 2 19.5
16 GM Vincent Keymer @VincentKeymer 16.5 2 18.5
17 GM Andrey Esipenko @Andreikka 16.5 2 18.5
18 GM Alexander Zubov @Alexander_Zubov 8.5 8 16.5
19 GM Salem AR Saleh @Arabicfalcon 8.5 8 16.5
20 GM Eltaj Safarli @Eltaj_Safarli 8.5 8 16.5

Games final eight

The Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix is presented by Gambit, where you can play classic games like Reversi, Backgammon, and Oh Ship by playing with players from around the world.

More information about the Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix can be found here.

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