Play Chess Against PogChampions And New Bot Personalities

Play Chess Against PogChampions And New Bot Personalities

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How well would you do against a PogChamps winner? If that question ever crossed your mind, we have good news! You can now test your wits against each of the PogChampions, as well as other chess personalities on our Play Computer page.

We have just launched six new bot personalities: PogChampions Voyboy, Hafu, and Sardoche, as well as Disney hero WCM Phiona Mutesi, the Polish chess personality FM Dawid Czerw, and chess legend GM Levon Aronian. You can find them on our Play Computer page under Streamers, Personalities, and Top Players.

Play chess against the PogChampions
Play against the PogChampions and other chess personalities.


Playing strength: 1500

Hafu is an American superstar streamer and World of Warcraft and Hearthstone player. Can you beat the winner of PogChamps 2? hafu bot



Playing strength: 1550

Sardoche is a French streamer, League of Legends player, and PogChamps 3 champion. Can you beat this chess grinder?

Play Chess Against Sardoche



Playing strength: 1600

Voyboy was a professional League of Legends player and is now a star streamer. Can you beat the first PogChampion?

Play Chess Against Voyboy


Phiona Mutesi

Playing strength: 1700

Phiona Mutesi is a woman candidate master from Katwe, Uganda, who changed her life through chess and was featured in Disney's film Queen of Katwe. Can you defeat the queen of the Pioneers?

Play Chess Against Phiona Mutesi


Dawid Czerw

Playing strength: 2300

Dawid Czerw is a Polish FIDE master, streamer, and content creator. Do you have what it takes to beat this master?

Play Chess Against Dawid Czerw


Levon Aronian

Playing strength: 2750

Levon Aronian is an Armenian (and soon to be U.S.) grandmaster and one of the top players in the world. Can you beat the former rapid and blitz chess champion?

Play Chess Against Levon Aronian


Head over to now to play against the new bots! Don't forget to try out other bots like IM Danny Rensch, other top players like GM Hikaru Nakamura, and more!

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