Polgar Chess Festival Features Art, Transatlantic Match

Polgar Chess Festival Features Art, Transatlantic Match

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What will GM Judit Polgar do after announcing her retirement? One of her first acts will be to once again host the 8th International Aquaprofit-Polgar Chess Festival on October 4. and will be partial sponsors of the event.

Along with sister Sofia Polgar, Judit will emcee the annual event, which mostly caters to the youth chess culture in her native Hungary. All three sisters (including Susan Polgar) attended last year.

The Budapest Palace of Arts will transform into Chess Palace. Kids can earn play money will a variety of tasks, which they can then turn in for prizes.

Judit Polgar signing autographs at last year's festival (all photos and videos courtesy Judit Polgar).

There will be tutoring sessions, arts, crafts and music. "Chess Song" will be put to life with unique choreography. 

Sofia Polgar hanging out at the Chess Palace in 2013.

To understand how big of a deal chess is in Hungary, look at the media reception that the silver-medal-winning Olympiad team (Judit included) earned this year:

Judit will play a variety of exhibitions with children, Hungarian celebrities and sportsmen. Last year, even Garry Kasparov attended.

"I think right now it's very important for chess to preserve for future for the game of chess for generations to come," Kasparov said.

Here's a good montage of the 2013 event, with a Kasparov cameo at the end:

Another highlight of the festival will be the second Sponsored USA vs Hungary Chess Talent Match, which will conclude the schedule. Four of Hungary's best will face off against four strong American kids. and will host the youth match, provide live commentary on, and reward each of the participants with Diamond Memberships to

The games begin Saturday, October 4 at 5:00 p.m. local time (GMT +2), which is 11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m. Pacific. Each player will play once as White and once as Black with a time control of 10+5.

Here are the lineups:

Hungary - USA

U8: Karácsonyi, Kata (1400) - Vanapalli, Vishnu (1570)

Kata Karácsonyi also played last year.

U10: Karácsonyi, Gellért (1788) - Chor, Kevin (2188)

U12: Kozák, Ádám (2220) - Yip, Carissa (2118)

Carissa Yip, youngest female chess expert ever.

U14: Havasi, Gergő (2336) - Feng, Roland (2298)

Last year, Hungary won round one and round two to win the match by a final score of 5.5-2.5.

Finally, in anticipation for the big event on October 4th, Judit Polgar and her foundation are sponsoring hundreds of free memberships -- worth thousands of dollars -- to's scholastic extension site,

Those who Like Judit Polgar's page on Facebook and are among the first 50 to solve her "daily puzzle" over the next 10 days will win a 4-month Gold Membership for themselves and their child to ChessKid. 

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