APRIL FOOLS! Rensch To Leave Chess.com For TBS
Rensch will say goodbye to chess to pursue a career in basic cable.

APRIL FOOLS! Rensch To Leave Chess.com For TBS

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Chess.com CCO Daniel Rensch to vacate position effective immediately.

Palo Alto, Calif.—April 1, 2019

In a move that he described as "the best opportunity I've ever had," Daniel Rensch announced Monday that he would be departing his position as chief chess officer at Chess.com to play the role of Lead Punchline on the new TBS show Just Alright at Chess.

Danny began his career at Chess.com more than 10 years ago, marking his debut with the release of the quickly-forgotten classic video Rook Endgames: Beginner to Master, Part 1.

In the years following, he began hosting shows from his studio closet and making inappropriate jokes on broadcasts to sometimes dozens of viewers. Rensch now will join the esports division at TBS after a decade-long Chess.com career that his devoted fans described as "mostly adequate."

"TBS strives to shine a spotlight on mediocre talents from around the world, and we feel that Danny defines mediocrity perfectly," said TBS Head of Future Canceled Shows Rick Johnson. "We're lukewarm at the prospect of having him join the TBS family." 

Chess.com staff could not be reached for comment, but sounds of popping champagne bottles were reportedly heard outside Chess.com company headquarters Sunday night.

Some of the biggest personalities in online bid farewell to Rensch in a heartfelt game analysis video that encapsulates his adequate career:

The popular YouTube chess broadcaster "Agadmator" said his own goodbye to Rensch.

Fellow online chess host John Bartholomew posted this farewell video to his good friend:

Danny packed up his belongings from his office and bid farewell to his beloved staff, who appeared indifferent to his departure. As he walked out the door, he looked back at them, smiled and said, "And in case I don't see you, just remember, Bob's your uncle." The staff glared at him in confusion at this seemingly irrelevant comment.

Rensch will be leaving the office he knows, loves and occasionally sleeps in.

In a prepared statement regarding Danny's departure, Chess.com Studio C producer Aran Graham said, "I was about to put in my two weeks' notice, so this is great timing. It will be nice to work with a talented broadcaster like GM Robert Hess who can actually read a teleprompter and follow direction."

Danny leaves Chess.com with a severance package reportedly including the magazine clippings from his glory days that he kept in his desk drawer at all times, a forged FIDE grandmaster plaque he had hanging in his office, a year's salary of $3,000, and most of his dignity.

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