Spectacular Shirov In Lublin

Spectacular Shirov In Lublin

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While the Candidates matches in Kazan held the attention of the chess world, they produced few exciting or decisive games, and crowded out some other interesting events.

Besides Vasilly Ivanchuk's win at the Capablanca Memorial, there was also some real fighting chess in Lublin, Poland from 15-21 May, where Alexei Shirov took first prize.

The format of the tournament was an 8-player single round-robin, and Shirov won with a score of 5/7.  All his games from Lublin are below, including a King's Gambit in round four!

Official site here. The final standings:

 Name Nat Elo Pts
1  SHIROV Alexei ESP 2709 5.0
2  GRACHEV Boris RUS 2669 4.5
3  ZHIGALKO Sergei BLR 2679 4.5
4  ROIZ Michael ISR 2660 4.0
5  SASIKIRAN Krishnan IND 2676 4.0
6  SOCKO Bartosz POL 2654 2.0
7  WOJTASZEK Radoslaw POL 2721 2.0
8  ALEKSEEV Evgeny RUS 2673 2.0








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