Premium Members Get Free Month Of University

Premium Members Get Free Month Of University

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Passionate members are often asking about other avenues of getting better. Besides videos, Tactics Trainer, Chess Mentor and other tools, the University program caters to just these sorts of players.

In July of this year, will be partnering with its largest instructional group to encourage more members to try out their services. For that month only, any premium member (gold, platinum or diamond) of will get one month of free access to University's Standard Learning Program (SLP).

Normal value for full access to the SLP is $35, but premium members (and those who upgrade by June 20, 2015) will get to try the full SLP for the cost of a single upgrade. That means even if you are not premium now, upgrading before this date will qualify you for the benefit.

phpC8JCBQ.jpeg video author, GM Yermolinsky, headlines the SLP instructors list.

"We would like to reward all of our loyal supports and's premium members by giving them the chance to learn chess from the best, absolutely free!" said University President Kairav Joshi.

The courses begin July 11 and a full schedule will be emailed to registered members by the end of June.

Here are a few more details on the SLP:

  • Students are grouped into five rating categories (0-500; 501-900; 901-1300; 1301-1600; 1601-1900 Elo).
  • Each section's monthly program includes two 60-minute live, interactive classes (online) that are also recorded for later review, a 15-minute live question-and-answer session, a one-page study guide, and one puzzle packet or written lecture
  • The SLP team includes Joshi, GM Alex Yermolinsky, FM Dalton Perrine, FM Arne Jochens, NM Julian Lin, and many more
In addition to all the features of the SLP, any premium member (existing or upgrading) that registers also gets three issues of the Master's Bulletin for free and one previous University camp video recording. You can see previews of the three issues here: January 2015, February 2015, March 2015 (more than 150 pages in total!).

More about University: University is's largest group with nearly 30,000 registered members. You can join the group here and stay up to date on more information regarding the the group's activities by following the blog of the group president, Kairav Joshi here. University also offers an even more intensive course of study, the Prodigy Program, which is $150 per month and includes 12 hours of lessons, unlimited email support, analysis of students' games and more. Any current member of the Prodigy Program automatically gets the benefits of the SLP.

To register for the free month of SLP at University, make sure you are a premium member then fill out this form by June 18, 2015.

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