The Monday Questions (11) for GM Radoslaw Wojtaszek

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wojtaszekWe formulated ten questions related to Developing Chess Talent and every Monday we'll ask them to an interesting personality in the chess world.

1. Please introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, etc.)! Hello, Radoslaw Wojtaszek, 23 years old, Grandmaster from Poland.

2. What is your role in the chess world? I'm mainly a player, number 73 in the May rating list. I've also been Vishy's Anand second in Bonn and Sofia.

3. How did you develop your chess talent as a kid? By playing a lot, reading books, studying some classics, analysing my games. Usual stuff, I would say.

4. Who had a profound influence on your chess development? It's always hard to choose one, let's say my grandfather who was my first teacher.

5. What are your favourite sports besides chess? Definitely basketball and tennis.

6. What would be your advice for young people? Work as much as possible, but only if you enjoy it!

7. What has your main concern in life besides chess? Studies which I have to finish soon.

8. What is the best chess game you played? Probably Shirov – Wojtaszek, Pamplona 2006.

9. What's your connection with 'Developing Chess Talent'? Merijn and I are teammates for HSK (Hamburg).

10. What question do you miss and what would be your answer? What is your favourite movie/TV series? I love Family Guy!

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  • These interviews are produced for the Facebook Group Developing Chess Talent
  • Chessvibes is hosting them here and they will be linked to from the Facebook Group
  • The book Developing Chess Talent is written by Karel van Delft and Merijn van Delft and can be ordered via
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