The Monday Questions (4) for GM Dimitri Reinderman

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dimiWe formulated ten questions related to Developing Chess Talent and every Monday we'll ask them to an interesting personality in the chess world.

1. Please introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, etc.)! Dimitri Reinderman, 37, Dutch, and hopefully 2600+ in the May rating list :)

2. What is your role in the chess world? Player, trainer, writer, and still resistant to the poker hype.

3. How did you develop your chess talent as a kid? I read every chess book I could get my hands on...

4. Who had a profound influence on your chess development? Without the game between readers of KRO teletext and Pieter Baltus, I probably wouldn't have started playing the Sveshnikov variation, which is still part of my repertoire.

5. What are your favourite sports besides chess? To watch football, cycling and skating, to do football and table tennis.

6. What would be your advice for young people? If you didn't watch Monty Python and the Holy Grail yet, download it or check Youtube.

7. What has your main concern in life besides chess? Jareth and Mirri

8. What is the best chess game you played? Against Frank Kroeze in a team match, 2008

9. What's your connection with 'Developing Chess Talent'? Karel and I studied psychology together at the University of Amsterdam. Or at least, he studied part time, I studied full time, but we took the course sport psychology together and sometimes discussed the implications for chess over a cup of tea.

10. What question do you miss and what would be your answer? What book would you like to write? The worst games/moves of chess. Is fun I think :)

    Background information

  • These interviews are produced for the Facebook Group Developing Chess Talent
  • Chessvibes is hosting them here and they will be linked to from the Facebook Group
  • The book Developing Chess Talent is written by Karel van Delft and Merijn van Delft and can be ordered via
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