The Monday Questions (8) for GM Jan Gustafsson

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gustiWe formulated ten questions related to Developing Chess Talent and every Monday we'll ask them to an interesting personality in the chess world.

1. Please introduce yourself (name, age, nationality, etc.)! Hi, I am Jan Gustafsson from Hamburg, Germany. 30 years old and slowly coming to terms with it.

2. What is your role in the chess world? Chess player! I like to play for my club Baden-Baden and the german national team. Planning to play more than I used to this year, somehow I decided now is the time to become a bit better. In the past I have worked as a second for the likes of Loek van Wely, Jan Smeets and Peter Leko. Sadly, at some point they all figured out the extent of my lazyness.

3. How did you develop your chess talent as a kid? By reading whatever chess book I could get my hands on. Basically I liked studying and disliked losing, so I felt the former might help the latter.

4. Who had a profound influence on your chess development? My first coach, the late Vincent Kolanoske. While he was not a strong player, he always made me look forward to going to chess training on Friday afternoon.

5. What are your favourite sports besides chess? Football! Currently I am bitterly disappointed by the failure of HSV on european level in both football and handball :(

6. What would be your advice for young people? Don't ever start smoking! Seriously, don't.

7. What has your main concern in life besides chess? The question what should have my main concern in life besides chess.

8. What is the best chess game you played? Somehow I never liked looking at my own games (Yes, I know I should!). Therefore I can't give a qualified opinion.

9. What's your connection with 'Developing Chess Talent'? I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Apeldoorn Chess club since the mid-90s and could therefore enjoy the stimulating chess atmosphere created by the Van Delfts first hand.

10. What question do you miss and what would be your answer? As a professional player, I am sure you watch a lot of TV series during tournaments to relax. Any recommendations? I am glad you asked! Check out "The Big Bang Theory" and "Curb your Enthusiasm", they are both hilarious. If you want drama, "Sons of Anarchy" and "The Wire "are great. Oh, and "True Blood" is so good that I watched 2 seasons while playing Inarkiev in the World Cup. You do the math how that turned out...

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