US Chess President Faces Calls For Resignation After Social Media Comments
The US Chess Federation had its headquarters in Crossville, Tennessee, before it moved to St. Louis, Missouri in 2022.

US Chess President Faces Calls For Resignation After Social Media Comments

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The US Chess Federation's handling of allegations of sexual misconduct continued in the spotlight after Randy Bauer, the President of the federation, made public comments on social media.

Former U.S. Women's Chess Champion WGM Jennifer Shahade resigned as the Director of the US Chess Women's Program this month, signing off by expressing disappointment with how her allegations of sexual assault against GM Alejandro Ramirez were met with "hostility instead of support" and "consistently minimized or ignored."

Shahade claimed in The Wall Street Journal's bombshell report that she and others had warned the federation repeatedly that Ramirez allegedly had assaulted a 15-year-old and that she was told he would not be considered for future coaching roles. The grandmaster was still hired by US Chess as a coach at the Women's Olympiad, an event that included over 100 minors.

Jennifer Shahade on how she informed US Chess about her concerns with Alejandro Ramirez.
Jennifer Shahade on how she informed US Chess about her concerns with Alejandro Ramirez.

US Chess has not yet responded to the public criticism by Shahade and others, but Randy Bauer, its president since 2022, took to social media to respond to claims. 

In a public discussion on Facebook where US Chess board member Leila D'Aquin pointed out that the national team selects their own Olympiad Team coach, Sean Finn, a chess coach and writer, tagged Bauer in his Facebook comment and wrote:

"It is amazing to me that you do not think US Chess deserves criticism for how they handled Ramirez."

Bauer responded publicly in the same thread:

"I don't give a rats behind about your amazement. You have done nothing substantial that I have observed for US Chess. Come back when you have," he wrote.

When Finn reacted to how Bauer responded by calling it "a disgrace," Bauer responded:

"I am a 50-year benefactor life member of US Chess. I helped dig this organization out of near bankruptcy. You, what exactly have you done for US Chess? I've earned my right to talk to any US Chess member as I please, certainly you. Meanwhile, when I did respond about your friend being assaulted, you asked me not to reveal details. Do you see the problem you have developed here? You are the epitome of the "damned if you do, damned if you don't" culture."

Responding to Finn's comment that he followed US Chess' proper channels for reporting allegations, Bauer wrote:

"Let's put it all out then, in public. You ok with that? Let's name names on what you brought to US Chess and then told me on Twitter to not. You can't have it both ways, little clown," Bauer said in the Facebook comment after being called a "clown" by Finn.

Bauer's responses were later deleted but captured and shared by IM Greg Shahade, brother of Jennifer on X/Twitter.

The comments by the US Chess president sparked a Reddit thread that has received more than 360 comments. Another reaction came from GM Ben Finegold who called for Bauer's resignation and also said he is giving up his US Chess membership.

Katie Stone, a poker pro, commentator, and co-founder of, did the same in a thread on X/Twitter giving support to Shahade. has been in contact with Bauer regarding the comments. He refers to a response he sent to Shahade which he says summarizes his feelings toward her:

You and I have been chess friends for well over a decade, and we've worked together over the years on a lot of things that have been important for US Chess. I'm truly sorry if that friendship has now been strained. I have zero interest in blaming you for Ramirez - we blamed him and kicked him out, forever, when we had enough evidence to do so. Thank you for helping to provide that. If there are others that need to go, I'm more than willing to 'vote them off the island' as well.

Bauer also added in his response to

"Jennifer and I have a disagreement about what US Chess should have done and when. US Chess followed legal advice, and when we and the attorneys were confident we had sufficient evidence to act, we banished Ramirez from US Chess for life. My only wish is that we would have had enough evidence to do it sooner. "

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