Women's Speed Chess Grand Prix Leg 2 Results

Women's Speed Chess Grand Prix Leg 2 Results

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GM Valentina Gunina won the second leg of the FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix. The Russian grandmaster beat GM Anna Ushenina 7-5 in the final on Sunday, which was a repeat of the final of the first leg, won by Ushenina.

Earlier in the day, GM Kateryna Lagno won the match for third place as she beat IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh 9.5-2.5.

You can find the full news report on the finals of Leg 2 here.

The third leg of the Grand Prix starts Wednesday, July 8 with games starting from 5:30 a.m. Pacific time / 14:30 Central Europe with expert commentary on

Date Time (PDT) Time (CEST) Fed Player Score Fed Player
July 5 05:30 14:30 Sarasadat Khadamalsharieh 2.5-9.5 Kateryna Lagno
July 5 07:00 16:00 Anna Ushenina 5-7 Valentina Gunina

The format of the matches is a 30-minute segment of 5+1 games, a 30-minute segment of 3+1 games followed by a 10-minute segment of 1+1 games.

Women's Speed Chess bracket
In the first, very tense semifinal, Ushenina beat IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh of Iran by winning the armageddon game of the playoff. Gunina then won 6.5-4.5 against her compatriot GM Kateryna Lagno, who will play Khademalsharieh in a match for third place.

Grand Prix Leg 2 | Schedule & results semifinals

Date Time (PDT) Time (CEST) Fed Player Score Fed Player
July 3 05:30 14:30 Sarasadat Khadamalsharieh 7-8 Anna Ushenina
July 3 07:00 16:00 Kateryna Lagno 4.5-6.5 Valentina Gunina

One of the biggest clashes in the quarterfinals was the one between former women's world champions Hou Yifan and Anna Ushenina. 
Ushenina ended up winning this match, while GM Valentina Gunina beat WGM Vaishali Rameshbabu. Kateryna Lagno then crushed Zhansaya Abdumalik, who could only win the very last game, and Sarasadat Khademalsharieh won a close match against Olga Girya.

Grand Prix Leg 2 | Schedule & results quarterfinals

Date Time (PDT) Time (CEST) Fed Player Score Fed Player
July 2 5:30 14:30 Valentina Gunina 7-3 Vaishali Rameshbabu
July 2 5:30 14:30 Hou Yifan 4.5-6.5 Anna Ushenina
July 2 7:00 16:00 Kateryna Lagno 10.5-1.5 Zhansaya Abdumalik
July 2 7:00 16:00 Sarasadat Khadamalsharieh 6-5 Olga Girya

In the round of 16, women's world number-one Hou Yifan won in her debut, while the finalists of the first leg, GMs Anna Ushenina and Valentina Gunina, also went through.

Grand Prix Leg 2 | Round of 16 results

Date Time (PDT) Time (CEST) Fed Player Score Fed Player
July 1 5:30 14:30 Kateryna Lagno 9-4 Ning Kaiyu
July 1 5:30 14:30 Valentina Gunina 7.5-4.5 Le Thao Nguyen Pham
July 1 5:30 14:30 Anna Muzychuk 4-6 Vaishali Rameshbabu
July 1 5:30 14:30 Hou Yifan 5.5-4.5 Gunay Mammadzada
July 1 7:00 16:00 Zhansaya Abdumalik 6.5-4.5 Deysi Cori
July 1 7:00 16:00 Harika Dronavalli 4-7 Anna Ushenina
July 1 7:00 16:00 Ju Wenjun 5.5-6.5 Olga Girya
July 1 7:00 16:00 Sarasadat Khadamalsharieh 7-3 Irina Krush

Preview of the second leg

Based on FIDE blitz ratings, the top seed is GM Kateryna Lagno, who again faces the 15-year-old WIM Ning Kaiyu of China. In the first leg, Lagno won her match 8-3.

The fans will surely be excited by another Chinese player in this field. Hou, the women's world number-one in classical chess but actually second behind Lagno in blitz, didn't play in the first leg, which means she'll be active in the three remaining ones. Today she starts with a match against IM Gunay Mammadzada of Azerbaijan, who turned 20 two weeks ago.

Former world blitz champion GM Anna Muzychuk faces WGM Vaishali Rameshbabu, who reached the semifinals in the first leg. Early Grand Prix leader Ushenina has a tough opponent straight away in GM Harika Dronavalli. IM Sarasadat Khademalsharieh vs. GM Irina Krush is a clash between two debutants. Basically all matchups in this round of 16 are exciting!

FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship Grand Prix | Standings After Leg 1

# Fed Name Rating Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4 Score
1 Anna Ushenina 2387 12 X 12
2 Valentina Gunina 2476 8 X 8
3 Alexandra Kosteniuk 2521 6 X 6
4 Vaishali R 2313 5 X 5
5 Kateryna Lagno 2608 2 X 2
6 Ju Wenjun 2536 2 X 2
7 Le Thao Nguyen Pham 2325 2 X 2
8 Munkhzul Turmunkh 2235 2 X 2
9 Hou Yifan 2601 X 0
10 Anna Muzychuk 2505 0 X 0
11 Humpy Koneru 2483 0 X 0
12 Sarasadat Khadamalsharieh 2431 X 0
13 Harika Dronavalli 2422 X 0
14 Zhansaya Abdumalik 2409 0 X 0
15 Deysi Cori 2391 X 0
16 Tatev Abrahamyan 2352 0 X 0
17 Irina Krush 2342 X 0
18 Olga Girya 2297 X 0
19 Gunay Mammadzada 2242 0 X 0
20 Bibisara Assaubayeva 2232 0 X 0
21 Ning Kaiyu 2013 0 X 0
Wildcard Antoaneta Stefanova 2485 X X X

Each Grand Prix leg is a 16-player knockout and lasts five days, including one rest day after the semifinals. The dates of the remaining three legs are July 1-5, 8-12, and 15-19. Each of the Grand Prix legs has a total prize fund of $10,300 with $3,000 going to the winner.

In each Grand Prix leg, every player scores cumulative Grand Prix points according to her position in the final standings. The two players who score the highest number of cumulative Grand Prix points in all three Grand Prix legs qualify for the Super Final on July 20.

More information about the FIDE Women's Speed Chess Championship can be found here.

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