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29 jan. 2021
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Sep 5, 2021
Get a Chance to Play Tania Sachdev on Samay Raina's stream! Arena starts in 20 minutes! ~
Sep 4, 2021
Get a Chance to Play Tania Sachdev on Samay Raina's stream!
Jun 6, 2021
i am not able to join the tournament . it is showing u must be the member of club so pls accept my request
Jun 6, 2021
If anyone's request has not been accepted, kindly direct them to the following registration form:
Best Games of MatchDay #1

Best Games of MatchDay #1

ath441 | 12 feb. 2021
Hello everyone! The first tournament of the All IITs Chess Club concluded on 7th February, 2021. With players from all 23 IITs taking part, it turned out to be a massive success with over 600 players battling it out on the 64 squares to fight for the top spots!  Given the strength of the field, there were expected to be many topsy-turvy games and nail biting finishes and the players did not disappoint the viewers by providing them with many incredible matches and loads of entertainment . In...
Results of MatchDay #1 Tournament

Results of MatchDay #1 Tournament

vineet-bhat | 10 feb. 2021
Results | MatchDay #1 | All IITs Chess Club Hi Everyone!The Fair play check have been completed on all the games and we have finalized the results. The players who have been found guilty of cheating have been banned and thereby removed from the final rank list. You can view the rank list here - The above sheet contains only the top 101 ranks. To view the complete list, please check - hereThe next ...