8 dagen geleden
is today's tournament about a specific opening?
9 dagen geleden
Please stop advertising
10 dagen geleden
блиц!!! 5 мин. ООтлично
14 dagen geleden
Ooh, great! Thanks for the help, guys!
14 dagen geleden
whats funny is i was making a forum about the caro kann
NM Ted's Discord server!

NM Ted's Discord server!

ansharora28 | 27 jun. 2021
Chess lessons from masters often cost a lot of money, effectively (and unfairly) making chess improvement most available to those with resources. However, with advancements in modern technology, live master-level chess lessons can easily have a new price point: ZERO. Ted Belanoff is a USCF life master who streams twice daily at 8AM and 9:35 PM, both Eastern Standard Time. He views chess lessons as something that should always be free and available to all regardless of situation, and he i...