Mir Sultan Chess Academy is the emerging platform for intermediate chess training sessions and It is the ideal forum for young & energetic players to learn the secrets of this mind game.
Since, We are looking forward for some indigenous & vibrant chess players!!! If you feel comfortable with us, come on in and join the team. You won't be disappointed! We are just building this online forum for mutual learning and would like you to contribute as per your convenience (zero obligations / no strings attached).
We are going to play several international team battles and boost our skill through other stuff / studies. Kindly be the part of most versatile team. We have recently customized our outlook and placed posters for upcoming events which will also be forwarded through other social media handles, mass info techniques. Have a look on our versatility with unique diversity. Lastly, We are going to play several team matches, VCs games and other stuff. Please be a part of this amazing team. Initially, focus is on players assembly at our marshaling area for some correspondence games, Moreover if interested in winning some themed trophies, feel free to ask for local tournaments.
Our Long Term Nationwide Project will be under banner of
Ababeel Enterprises
Khayam Chowk