Old Debate

136 leden
9 jul 2014
10 Evenementen Gespeeld
Welcome Home. There once was a chatroom in live chess called "Open" Everyone talked there. You had to wait once every 30sec. Which turned into once every 60sec. Soon a chat room called "Debate" was opened and "Open" became "Main Hall." Debate was a place with no chat limit and a place where you could..."Debate" rules were more laid back, One day debate was closed and that's why this group is alive. It's a chat group without the strict rules of Main Hall. You may swear, debate, talk about god, etc. All done in a good taste. You may have it open while you're in live by using the site Olddebate.com once you're logged in or you may just enter chat room the normal way. Thanks. We love to have a chat with you!