Square Off Owners

22 dec. 2021
4 dagen geleden
Updating the SO board: 1. On the top left of the screen click on the person icon; 2. then click on 'Board Center'; 3. then look for 'Firmware Upgrade'. - on the right hand side of the page it should tell you if an update is available. Before clicking on 'Firmware Upgrade' make sure to first connect to your board. Hope this helps. Doug
4 dagen geleden
I've never known what they mean on that besides updating the SO app. I mean shouldn't that update the board? I would think so. So when you're black, square light up, you move white's piece, then you move black and it doesn't recognize the move? Is this correct? But you have no issue as white?
7 dagen geleden
When I play back against the computer and white moves I can't move my black piece. What am I doing wrong? Support says to update the actual board. How do I do this?
11 dagen geleden
Here is my method of using the PRO. Chess.com is my online chess platform (no digi boards) & lichess is my OTB chess platform. So this isolates each rating. There are drawbacks but for me this works perfectly.
22 dagen geleden
Does anyone here know how to ensure that chess.com Elo rating adjustment results from games played through chess.com on the SOP get reflected in one's Elo rating? I have played several games lately that don't seem to be affecting my chess.com Elo.