Vind een schaakcoach die u kan helpen uw spel te verbeteren. De hier vermelde topschakers zijn beschikbaar voor schaaklessen en coaching. Neem vandaag nog contact op met een schaakcoach.

Speelt Live
Nikolay Milchev
FIDE Speelsterkte 2417
Stoke on Trent, Engeland

      I am an International master since 2009 with peak rating 2469.I am a former Bulgarian junior champion under 16 and 18,vice-european champion under 16, Novy Sad/Serbia  (blitz section)Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I...

Mauricio Ramirez
FIDE Speelsterkte 2260
caracas, Venezuela

Soy Maestro FIDE (Mauricio Abraham Ramirez Gonzalez)Tri - Campeon Centro Americano Juvenil, año 2014, 2015, 2016Sub - Campeon de America Juvenil Modalidad Blitz, año 2015Campeón de America Juvenil Modalidad Blitz, año 2017Sub Campeon de America Juvenil...

Wojciech Moranda
FIDE Speelsterkte 2602
Wroclaw, Polen

Grandmaster since 2009, rated ci. 2600 in standard/rapid/blitz. Professional coach with more than 20 years of playing experience. Poland’s TOP 7 player (December 2018) and FIDE TOP 100 in rapid chess (August 2018). Multiple Polish Championships Medallist,...

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Irakli Beradze
FIDE Speelsterkte 2495
Tbilisi, Georgië

Hello Everyone! I am an international master from Georgia. I have 2 GM norms and fighting for this title.  I have 3 year experience in coaching. I taught young talented students in Georgia. And also, I have many good foreign students. My main aim is to...

Mateusz Bobula
FIDE Speelsterkte 2339
Rzeszów, Polen

Hello! My name is Mat Bobula and I am an International Master since 2010. I have got over 8 years of experience in teaching chess (3 years as a teacher at school). I offer chess lessons. 1 hour is 30$. I can help you enhance your chess skills. Good teaching...

James Coleman
FIDE Speelsterkte 2207
London, Engeland

Note: please read my full profile before contacting me about coaching, as many of the most common questions are already answered below.  Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 42 years old - ( so way past my prime  ) - and I've been playing chess since...

Maria Emelianova
FIDE Speelsterkte 2113
Moscow, Rusland

Hi everyone! I am so incredibly happy to be a part of the chess world! Chess has been my passion since I was introduced by my grandpa when I just turned 5. At 7 I joined the local club in Ural city Ekaterinburg, played for school and the city teams, participated...

Online 19 min geleden
Mario Gavilan Diaz
FIDE Speelsterkte 2334
Málaga, Spanje

 Soy el MF Mario Gavilán Díaz, con un elo FIDE de 2334. Aprendí a jugar a los doce años de edad e inmediatamente me cautivó la pasión por las 64 casillas. Pronto destaqué a nivel provincial y autonómico, incluyendo algunos torneos internacionales.Sobre...

Mikhail Belous
FIDE Speelsterkte 2366
Kiev, Oekraïne

Hi, I am Mikhail Belous, FIDE master from Ukraine - one of the most strongest chess countries in the world. My current Elo rating is 2350. I have two international master norms, which I successfully completed in Krakow. Best achievements in my chess career: The...

Online 24 min geleden
Dávid Balogh
FIDE Speelsterkte 2244
Kisújszállás, Hongarije

Let me involve you in chess! Better not cheat, because I will catch you!   About Me   Player Card: Chess Coach   I am David Balogh from Kisujszallas, Hungary. I am 25 years old and student of University...

Alessandro Santagati
FIDE Speelsterkte 2312
Catania, Italië

I am Alessandro Santagati, a 31 year old FM.I live in Catania , Sicily , and I started playing chess at the age of 11. I have extensive experience in training.My philosophy is that anyone can improve quickly, given the right lessons.My method is to develop...

Online 33 min geleden
Valer Eugen Demian
FIDE Speelsterkte 2220
Vancouver, BC, Canada

The player - my first serious chess tournament was back in 1974, a little bit late for today's standards; over the years I have had the opportunity to play all forms of chess from OTB to postal, email and server chess. The journey as a player brought...

Online 36 min geleden
Daniela Movileanu
FIDE Speelsterkte 2213
Rome, Italië

Hi everybody! I’m Daniela Movileanu, a Woman Fide Master (WFM) from Italy.   I won the Italian Women Chess Championship twice, in 2015 and 2016, and I played with the Italian national team at the European Team Championship of 2015 and at the Olympiads...

Luis Fernández Siles
FIDE Speelsterkte 2260
Granada, Spanje

Director of Spanish Media and Growth | Maestro FIDE y entrenador de ajedrez. Editor y director de Capakhine, la revista de ajedrez para los niños y sus padres. Siempre pensando en crear contenidos que puedan ser útiles para el...

Nu online
Aleksandar Randjelovic
FIDE Speelsterkte 2314

For new applicants/students: 15% discount for the first 30 days of coaching!   Full time, highly-professional chess coach. 18 years in chess coaching. Free correspondence games with students. Homework after each session. Fluent in English language. Author...

Online 44 min geleden
Jack Rodgers
FIDE Speelsterkte 2040, Australië

Follow me on Twitch for the newest chess content!   Twitch:   Hello, my name is Jack Rodgers and I am an expert chess player and coach from Sydney Australia. I have a 2100 FIDE rating and have four years experience...

Lukajic Bojan
FIDE Speelsterkte 2200
Novi Sad, Servië

Chess Master, achieved international rating over 2200. Over the years I traveled a lot, played home and abroad, met many, created friendships. A few photos with Svidler, No 8. in the world...I offer coach services online, for 10 dollars per hour, discount...

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Jaan Ehlvest
USCF Speelsterkte 2701
Nashville, Verenigde Staten

I am interested in chess and psychology, especially how chess can help the person grow. May chess used as indicator to measure women and men or people with different background. Also aging and chess. Being one of the top World players at the end of 80's...

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Praveen Sagar
Bangalore, India

I'm an affordable & senior chess coach at Mind Mentorz academy located in Bangalore, India. I currently hold an AGM (Arena Grand Master) title ( Currently offering private classes through Skype for beginners & upper intermediate...

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Алексей Терзи
FIDE Speelsterkte 2285
Минск, Belarus

Active player and online coach. I'm from Belarus and I'm 21 y.o. I I've been playing chess since I was 7 years old. FM since 2017. My Elo now is 2285. A winner of many international chess tournaments and festivals. I give online individual lessons in...

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Camelia Ciobanu
FIDE Speelsterkte 2150
Emerald Coast, Italië

Shalom everybody, it is great to get connected to chess lovers around the world! I am both a player and teacher who really enjoys playing blitz games on this amazing site! To know more of me please visit my website and...

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Anna Kantane
FIDE Speelsterkte 2323
Wrocław, Polen

Hi I'm active player and a certified trainer with few years experience in coaching and amazing results of my students. I've worked with strong world-famous coaches myself, so I have learnt a lot of training techniques from them. Combined with my own...

Online 1 uur geleden
Paul Makarov
FIDE Speelsterkte 2212
Odessa, Oekraïne

Deep chess knowledge at a competitive price! Training chess online (Skype). From beginner level till CM. Depending on your skill level we 1) Study the chess rules 2) Build your own opening repertoire3) Analyze your personal games4) Work both on tactics...

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Nikolay Yordanov
FIDE Speelsterkte 2286
Ruse, Bulgarije

My name is Nikolay Yordanov and I am well known Bulgarian professional chess player and trainer. I have participated in three World and one European Chess Championships. I am a multiple champion for boys up to 10,12,14,16,18 years in Bulgaria and winner...

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Dmitry Ponomarev
FIDE Speelsterkte 2417
Пенза, Rusland

Hello everybody! I began my work in 2011. During this time 52 students from Russia, France, USA, Canada, Estonia, Iran and Switzerland held individual sessions and cumulatively raised 5000 rating points, 27 have become candidate masters and two Fide master.I...