Van't Kruijs Opening

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    Got goose I love that

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    If I do it right I can do fairly well on this opening. I like it because I usually go 1. e3 2. nf3 3. nc3 4. d4. I haven't really studied that to know what opening move for black it's the best against, but it works well against e5 usually and usually no matter what I can get a knight in a really beautiful position.

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    Whats the point? Just do e4!

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    I never tried this opening before!

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    I s very good against computers: 1 e3,  d5 2 d3,  e5  3 g3,  Nc6 4 a3  to close the position and attack like king indian defense.

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    This is a very bad opening,which allows black to create a strong pawn center and have a great space advantage.

    If black plays the right moves it is very easy to destroy white,or at least get a winning position.

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    this poening kind of slow poison move.

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    I find that, as white, continuing Bb5 is good unless black made that bad, and then when they pull the pawn to threaten your bishop, move it back a little. Overall, this develops a piece and gets your opponent to make a bad move. After they move, move Nf2, then 0-0. This has one most games. Sometimes the opponent moves h4, h5, h6, in which castling is a bad idea. The reason this is good is it develops three pieces, gets your opponent to make a bad move, lets your queen open, and brings your king to safety.

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    The sodium opening...... makes me cringe in fear when I see it..... very sharp.

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    @thinkboolean Learning any opening is helpful because it makes us learn new ideas. But at some point it will no longer make sense to choose an opening that immediately gives black equality and which masters have a losing score with. 

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    The opening is to0 much insecure

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    My rating has climbed from the 1200s to the 1400s in the last few months almost exclusively using Van't Kruijs. 

    Intuitively it looks passive, but 1.e3 and 1...e6 give you 30 options for move 2.

    2.Qh5 and 2...Qh4 would then give you 44 options for move 3. 

    Your queen then has the 4th or 5th rank all to herself because your pawns haven't obstructed it with a more "aggressive" opening. If need be, she can cross the board to share a diagonal with the enemy king, and align herself with a bishop for backup.

    It's a flexible opening, and it gets aggressive fast.

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    I've gotten this a couple times just in the past couple days in 10|0. I've looked back at some of my previous games, and it just seems like, when I lose as black, it's because I fail to find the decisive blow, not because white did anything special.

    In postmortem analysis, the comp agrees, giving black a small advantage out of the opening, and that advantage can grow quickly if white isn't careful.

    As black I have to improve at finding the tactics and mates. But even if white manages to trade pieces into an endame, often white has screwed up his pawn structure at some point or misplaced his remaining pieces for defensive reasons (if black has played actively and taken the center and initiative).  I just don't get why people would want to play this for white--it's slow, passive, concedes the center, cramps own pieces, immediately lets black not only equalize but have a slight edge in many cases, etc. Maybe if white transposes into a king's indian type, although there must be a reason that that's rarely seen at top level (I'm guessing the issues with the center but not sure).

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    I won against this opening

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