King's Gambit Declined, Keene Defense

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  • 8 months ago


    I think Valymer is missing part of the point behind this defense, and that is White's e4 pawn needs defending.  The defense is named after a grandmaster FCOL, grandmasters typically don't play garbage.

  • 3 years ago


    I see 3...Qf6 a lot in my blitz games, not sure of the difference. I usually play 4. fxe5 to gain a future tempo on the Queen via Nf3 if Black recaptures on e5, so play typically transposes to the mainline shown here. Overall, this variation seems pretty weak to me for Black, and the database numbers seem to reflect this...I think that people who aren't that familiar with the King's Gambit don't fully understand the important difference between Qh4+ before exf4 has been played and after it has been played. The ability in the former to play the move g3 makes bringing the Queen out so early seem kind of silly, and White is often able to develop with tempo because of it. The one thing it does do in Black's favor is seriously weaken White's kingside pawn structure, but I'm not sure that is enough compensation for wasting precious time in the opening.

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