Queen's Indian Defense: Capablanca Variation

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    would this be pretty similar to a bogo indian as well? dzindzi has a video on the bogo for black, it must be a viable opening if dzindzi covers it:p

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    thesexyknight, Maybe Capablanca played a lot of games with this opening so he might have played both sides.

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    Capablanca pioneered this defense with Black.  As usual in his play, he seeks to make favorable minor piece trades.  Once such trade may be the dark square bishop for the white b1 knight.  This allows black more control of the d5 and e4 squares.  This is also why Bd2 has given white the most success. 


    In Capablanca's day, opening preperation was often neglected (until the appearence of Alekhine.)  Thus, I would not give too much weight to the attachment of Capablanca's name to the opening.  I would also not give the idea too much weight since Bd2 negates one of Black's main ideas.   


    If black would like to play this way, it is better to wait until white plays Nc3, and only then to play Bb4.  That way black can still trade bishop for knight and obtain better central control, with the aim of closing the position against white's resulting bishop pair.


    See the following blunder-bound game I played last week to get a sense of such closed positions ....



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    well I'm guessing since it was black who play Bb4...

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    My question: Was capablanca black or white for this? Cool

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    6.Bd2 1,053
    38.56% 42.26%


    Bd2 looks like the best continuation here.

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