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Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

Location: All Chess Lovers Every Where
Założony: 13 lut 2012
Użytkowników: 2 521

Welcome to Romeo and Juliet #8 group on leader board! This group is for serious players who want to improve their skills! Romeo and Juliet has the best coaches and Titled members (GM/IM/FM/WGM/WIM/WFM/NM/CM) offering their services to anyone that wants to take their chess ability to the next level of excellence! We also participate in the Team Match Champions League, Knockout Champions League, Knockout Vote Chess Championships, Club Chess Tour Championships and play many matches against the best groups on this site! Want a chess experience like no other than this group is for you. Romeo and Juliet is an invitation ONLY group or you can apply for acceptance through the normal channels. Cheaters are not welcome and tolerance for unjustified timeouts is very low! God Bless!


  • Online 2 godziny temu

    The South West, Francja

    Dołączył do klubu: 22 lut 2012

  • Teraz online

    Rossi | Sydney, Australia

    Dołączył do klubu: 6 mar 2018

  • Online 1 godzinę temu

    Cedrik Haskovec | Prague, Czechy

    Dołączył do klubu: 5 paź 2016

  • Online 3 godziny temu

    Gregory | USA, Stany Zjednoczone

    Dołączył do klubu: 8 maj 2013

  • Teraz online

    Brett 'The Rock' Dakin | Eastern Cape, Republika Południowej Afryki

    Dołączył do klubu: 22 wrz 2017


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