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GM Friedrich Saemisch

Friedrich Saemisch
Photo: Wikimedia/public domain.
Full name
Friedrich Samisch
Sep 20, 1896 - Aug 16, 1975 (age 78)‎
Place of birth
Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany


Friedrich Samisch was a German grandmaster best known today for his contributions to opening theory. He won tournaments at Vienna 1921, Dortmund 1928, and Swinemunde 1930. He also defeated Richard Reti in a 1922 match. Samisch earned the GM title when it was introduced by FIDE in 1950.

Several opening variations are named after Samisch, most notably 5.f3 in the King's Indian Defense and 4.a3 in the Nimzo-Indian. He used his variation of the Nimzo-Indian to defeat Jose Capablanca at Carlsbad 1929 (after the formal world champion had blundered a piece in the opening).

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