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IM Mark Dvoretsky

Mark Dvoretsky
Full name
Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky
Dec 9, 1947 - Sep 26, 2016 (age 68)‎
Place of birth
Moscow, Russia.


Mark Izrailovich Dvoretsky was a Russian international master, author, and chess trainer. He earned his IM title in 1975 and had a series of successful results. Most notably, Dvoretsky won the 1973 Moscow Championship and the 1975 Wijk aan Zee Masters tournament.

Dvoretsky's most significant success came as a chess author and trainer. After retiring from serious tournament play, he dedicated himself to training others. He trained and worked with some of the best players of all time, including GMs Garry KasparovViswanathan AnandVeselin Topalov, and many others.

Dvoretsky was also a prolific writer, and his book "Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual" is considered a classic reference material.

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