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Full name
Jul 14, 1997 (age 26)‎
Place of birth
California, USA
United States


Nicole Sanchez, better known as Neeko or Neekolul, is a Mexican-American superstar streamer and content creator. She is a part of the esports and lifestyle brand 100 Thieves and was a participant in PogChamps 3.

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Content Creator

Neeko started creating content as a hobby before becoming famous. She started her Twitch account in 2017 after a few of her friends recommended that she stream her gameplay. Neeko wanted to share content online and realized that streaming is a great way without investing much time to edit videos.

Neeko has always enjoyed posting content online. Photo: Neeko/Instagram.

Neeko saw her following grow steadily during the next two years. She decided to expand to other social media around the end of 2019. Neeko made it big after one of her TikTok videos went viral and got more than 60 million total views. In that video, Neeko lip-synched and danced to a song called "OK Boomer" while wearing a Bernie Sanders cropped-out t-shirt.

Neeko made it big after posting a TikTok video dancing to a song called "OK Boomer." Photo: Neeko/Instagram.

After posting that video, Neeko became an internet sensation overnight. Her Twitch channel grew exponentially during the subsequent months and currently sits at more than 332,000 followers (January 2021). She mostly plays Fortnite and League of Legends or interacts with her fans in the Just Chatting category on the platform.

The "OK Boomer" girl also blew up on other social media channels. Her TikTok and Twitter accounts have more than 620,000 followers each, while her Instagram has close to 550,000 followers (January 2021).

Neeko also has a popular YouTube channel with almost 60,000 subscribers. Most of her videos feature her reactions to trending social media content. Her most successful video to date shows her reactions to memes about the TikTok post that made her famous:

Neeko's online success propelled her to the highest echelons of online content creators. The prominent esports organization and premium lifestyle brand 100 Thieves added Neeko to their roster in July 2020. Her online presence has continued to grow ever since, proving that the Mexican-American creator has successfully capitalized on her viral moment.

PogChamps 3 Participant

Neekolul is one of the superstar content creators who participated in the PogChamps 3 event. The social media extraordinaire is no stranger to the game of kings. She has streamed more than 160 hours of chess and will be fighting for the event's title.

Neeko has streamed more than 160 hours of chess on her Twitch channel.

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