PogChamps 3: All The Information

PogChamps 3: All The Information

| 506 | Other is thrilled to host PogChamps 3 presented by GRIP6, which is set to begin on February 14. Expected to be one of the most viewed chess tournaments in history, PogChamps 3 will have a $100,000 prize fund. Among the participants of this landmark event will be internet sensation MrBeast, world-famous rapper Logic, and Rainn Wilson, star actor in NBC's hit show "The Office."

The first PogChamps and PogChamps 2 shattered viewership records, achieving close to 300 million minutes watched. PogChamps 3 is poised to be the largest yet, and will be placing an emphasis on supporting the chess community. In addition to the increased prize fund, is proud to declare that it has also reserved $100,000 for community donations. 

Here's all the information you need to follow the 2021 PogChamps:


PogChamps 3 Championship bracket.
PogChamps 3 Consolation bracket.

Broadcast and streaming

All PogChamps matches will be broadcast live with commentary by chess celebrities GM Hikaru Nakamura, WFM Alexandra Botez, IM Levy Rozman, IM Anna Rudolf, and more on Players may choose to stream as well on their own channels on a delay and will not be permitted to use chat for outside assistance. Players who choose not to stream will be required to join a Zoom call for fair play and broadcast purposes.

Match Schedule

Official match times for each game will be posted prior to the subsequent round of play. The dates for each stage of the event are as follows:

Date Day Start* End* Group/Stage Player 1 Player 2
February 14 Sunday 12:00 1:15 Group A Sardoche Neeko
February 14 Sunday 1:20 2:35 Group B Pokimane Daniel Negreanu
February 14 Sunday 2:40 3:50 Group A BenjyFishy Myth
February 15 Monday 12:20 1:35 Group B xQc Rubius
February 15 Monday 1:40 2:50 Group C Logic Tubbo
February 15 Monday 3:00 4:10 Group C Rainn Wilson Michelle Khare
February 16 Tuesday 12:00 1:15 Group D CodeMiko MoistCr1tikal
February 16 Tuesday 1:20 2:35 Group D Ludwig MrBeast
February 16 Tuesday 2:40 3:50 Group A Myth Sardoche
February 17 Wednesday 12:30 1:45 Group B Rubius Daniel Negreanu
February 17 Wednesday Postponed Postponed Group B xQc Pokimane
February 17 Wednesday 2:20 3:50 Group A Neeko BenjyFishy
February 18 Thursday 12:00 1:15 Group C Michelle Khare Logic
February 18 Thursday 1:20 2:30 Groud D MrBeast MoistCr1tikal
February 18 Thursday 3:00 4:10 Group C Tubbo Rainn Wilson
February 19 Friday 12:00 1:15 Group A Neeko Myth
February 19 Friday 1:20 2:35 Group D Ludwig CodeMiko
February 19 Friday 2:40 3:50 Group A BenjyFishy Sardoche
February 20 Saturday 12:20 1:35 Group B Pokimane Rubius
February 20 Saturday 1:40 2:50 Group B Daniel Negreanu xQc
February 20 Saturday 3:00 4:10 Group C Rainn Wilson Logic
February 20 Saturday 4:20 5:30 Group B xQc Pokimane
February 21 Sunday 12:00 1:15 Group C Tubbo Michelle Khare
February 21 Sunday 1:20 2:35 Group D CodeMiko MrBeast
February 21 Sunday 2:40 3:50 Group D MoistCr1tikal Ludwig
February 23 Tuesday 1:20 2:35 Champ QF xQc Sardoche
February 23 Tuesday 2:40 3:50 Champ QF Benjyfishy Daniel Negreanu
February 24 Wednesday 10:30 11:40 Champ QF Rainn Wilson MoistCr1tikal
February 24 Wednesday 12:20 1:35 Cons QF Neeko Rubius
February 24 Wednesday 3:00 4:10 Champ QF Ludwig Logic
February 24 Wednesday 4:20 5:30 Cons QF Pokimane Myth
February 25 Thursday 1:20 2:35 Cons QF Tubbo CodeMiko
February 26 Friday 12:30 1:40 Cons QF MrBeast Michelle Khare
February 26 Friday 1:45 2:55 Champ SF Ludwig Sardoche
February 26 Friday 3:00 4:10 Cons SF Pokimane Michelle Khare
February 27 Saturday 12:00 1:15 Champ SF Rainn Wilson BenjyFishy
February 27 Saturday 1:20 2:35 Cons SF Neeko Tubbo
February 28 Sunday 12:00 1:15 Pre-Event Hype - -
February 28 Sunday 1:20 2:35 Cons Final Neeko Michelle Khare
February 28 Sunday 2:40 3:50 Champ Final Rainn Wilson Sardoche

*Pacific Time.

Results Website

Prize Breakdown 

Total Prize Fund: $100,000

Each player's winnings are determined by how far they advance into the PogChamps.

Group Stage: 16 players, $8,000 prize pool.

  • Each group stage winner (4 total) wins a $2,000 prize

Championship Bracket: 8 players, $60,000 prize pool

  • PogChamps Winner: $20,000
  • 2nd Place: $12,000
  • Semifinalist (2): $6,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $4,000

Consolation Bracket: 8 players, $32,000 prize pool 

  • 1st Place: $7,000
  • 2nd Place: $5,000
  • Semifinalist (2): $4,000
  • Quarterfinalist (4): $3,000
PogChamps 3 Prizes.
PogChamps 3 prize breakdown.
PogChamps 3
The players' selected charities.

Community Outreach

During PogChamps 3, will match up to $100,000 in donations to the participants' preferred non-profit organizations. Please read this article to see how PogChamps is supporting charities, and how you can help yourself.

Championship Bracket:

  • 1st Place: 15% (est. $30,000)
  • 2nd Place: 7.5% (est. $15,000)
  • 3rd-8th Place: 5% (est. $10,000)

Consolation Bracket:

  • 1st Place: 10% (est. $20,000)
  • 2nd Place: 7.5% (est. $15,000)
  • 3rd-8th Place: 5% (est. $10,000)

The percentages above reflect total percent of donations awarded to each participant's preferred non-profit organization.

PogChamps 3
PogChamps 3 Community Outreach breakdown.


Group Stage

  • The 16 players will be split into four groups of four players each, determined by the seeding below.
  • In this phase, players will face each of the three opponents in their group in a match.
  • Each match will consist of two 10+5 games, the player with the highest seed will play white first.
  • In case of a tied match after two games, an "armageddon" game will be played. White will have five minutes, and Black will have 4. The player who has the higher CAPS (accuracy) score from the 2-game match will choose their color for the armageddon tiebreak.
  • Players will earn 3 points for each match won outright, 2 points for each match won via armageddon tiebreak, 1 point for each match lost via armageddon tiebreak, and 0 points for each match lost outright.
  • At the end of group play, each group will be ranked by points accumulated.
  • The top two players advance to the Championship bracket, and the remaining two players advance to the Consolation Bracket.

In the case of a tie on points, the first tiebreak is average CAPS score across all three games.

Championship and Consolation Brackets

  • Each bracket will consist of eight players, with predetermined seeding to ensure competitive equity.
  • Both brackets will follow a single-elimination format, with the winner of each match progressing to the next round.
  • Matches will consist of two 10+5 games, where the higher seed will get White in the first game. In the case of a tie, a sudden death 5+0 game will be used to determine a winner, with the higher seed playing with the white pieces. In case of a draw in the tiebreak game, the colors will alternate until there is a winner.
  • If players share identical seeds from group play, the player with the higher CAPS (accuracy) score from their previous round non-tiebreak game(s) will receive the white pieces to play first in the 10+5 games and will play White in the 5+0 tiebreak.

Groups And Seeding set groups based on a variety of factors including (but not limited to) blitz rating, rapid rating, tactics rating, total games played, and amount of chess streamed.

Seed Group A Group B Group C Group D
1 Sardoche xQc Rainn Wilson Ludwig
2 BenjyFishy Daniel Negreanu Logic MoistCr1tikal
3 Neeko Pokimane Tubbo MrBeast
4 Myth Rubius Michelle Khare CodeMiko


The field:

PogChamps 3 Players: CodeMiko.

PogChamps 3 Players: Cr1tikal.

PogChamps 3 Players: Logic.

PogChamps 3 Players: Ludwig.

Michelle Khare, Pogchamps 3

Michelle Khare, YouTube

PogChamps 3 Players: Myth.

PogChamps 3 Players: Pokimane.

PogChamps 3 Players: Rainn Wilson.

PogChamps 3 Players: xQc.

Sardoche, PogChamps 3

PogChamps 3 Participants: Neeko.

PogChamps 3 Participants: Tubbo.

PogChamps 3 Participants: Benjyfishy.

PogChamps 3 Participants: El Rubius.


Do you want to see how you stack up against some of the PogChamps 3 players? Then click the button below to go to our Play Computer page where you can match your wits with the xQc, Ludwig, Pokimane, Neeko, and CodeMiko bots!

PogChamps 3 bots
Play against the PogChamps 3 participants' bots now


Check out official PogChamps merchandise and more at The PogChamps merch is available for a limited time only.

PogChamps 3 merchandise
Official PogChamps 3 merch is available for a limited time!
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