The Top Chess Players in the World
The Top Chess Players in the World

FM Tani Adewumi

Tani Adewumi
Full name
Tanitoluwa Adewumi
Sep 3, 2010 (age 13)‎
Place of birth
United States



Tanitoluwa Emmanuel Adewumi (known as Tani Adewumi) is a Nigerian-born American FIDE master. Adewumi made headlines when he won the 2019 New York State K-3 Chess Championship (the group for children between kindergarten and third grade) while living in a homeless shelter. Adewumi's family had fled Nigeria after receiving death threats from religious extremists and took refuge in New York in 2017. After The New York Times published his story, Adewumi became an international star and multiple people stepped in to help the young player thrive.

A chess prodigy, Adewumi quickly soared. In 2021, his rating increased from the 1700s to the 2100s. Adewumi became a national master and, just a few months later, earned his FM title. His inspiring story continues to inspire people from all over the world, and multiple national and international media outlets picked up on his story. Below you can see one of Adewumi's television appearances:

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