WGM Tatev Abrahamyan

Full name
Tatev Abrahamyan
Jan 13, 1988 (age 31)
Place of birth
Yerevan, Armenian SSR, Soviet Union
United States

Tatev Abrahamyan is an Armenian born American Woman Grandmaster. She is well known for her fighting spirit as well as her purple coloured hair. She was rewarded with the Goddess Chess Award for her uncompromising play. In 2001, she moved from Armenia to the United States and still maintains strong ties with her chess centric native country of Armenia. She also expressed that her favourite players include Levon Aronian of Armenia and Fabiano Caurana of the USA.

Tatev Abrahamyan

Tatev Abrahamyan at the 8th round of the 2018 Batumi Chess Olympiad. | Photo © Maria Emelianova/Chess.com

Tatev tied for 1st at the US National Women’s Championship in 2004 and 2011 but finished 2nd on tiebreak as she lost the rapid playoffs on both occasions. She won gold the Pan-American Under 18 Girls Championships in 2006, following which she has been a part of the USA National Women’s team since 2008 and has played in all Olympiads since. She achieved the Woman Grandmaster title in 2011 and also graduated, double majoring in psychology and political science in 2011.

Most Played Openings

White Pieces
Caro-Kann Defense (23) : B18 B15 B19 B13 B12 B17
Lion Defense (2) : B07
Italian Game (18) : C55 C58 C50 C57
Giuoco Piano Game (30) : C50 C53 C51
Ruy Lopez Opening (13) : C77 C84 C63 C78 C87 C65
King's Pawn Opening (1) : C40
Philidor Defense (3) : C41
Modern Defense (8) : B06
Petrov's Defense (4) : C42
Pirc Defense (7) : B07 B09
Scandinavian Defense (6) : B01
Alekhine Defense (5) : B04 B05 B03
Nimzowitsch Defense Declined (1) : B00
Undefined (1) : A00
Bishop's Opening (2) : C24
Black Pieces
Hungarian Opening (2) : A00
Queen's Indian Defense (10) : E17 E18 E19 E12 E15
Catalan Opening (6) : E00 E01
Nimzowitsch-Larsen Attack (3) : A01
Reti Opening (12) : A04 A05 A06
Torre Attack (4) : A46 A48
Queen's Pawn Opening (4) : A40 D02 D00
Blumenfeld Countergambit (1) : E10
Old Indian Defense (1) : A53
Benko Gambit Declined (2) : A57
Torre Attack with 3.Bg5 (1) : A48
Undefined (2) : A00
Queen's Gambit Declined (1) : D38
Blumenfeld Countergambit Accepted (1) : E10
Benoni Defense (1) : A68
Benko Gambit (2) : A57
Benko Gambit Half-Accepted (5) : A57
Richter-Veresov Attack (1) : D01
Benko Gambit Fully-Accepted (3) : A58
Bird's Opening (1) : A02
Trompowsky Attack (1) : A45