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Saint Louis, Missouri
9 de jan. de 2015
há 2 mins
Damn that’s a lot
Decided to just do the match and with today's average machine's computing power it would take around 2.79x10^105 years to evaluate every single game.
Also, that 10^120 number of games assumes an average of 40 moves per game.
@Capabotvikhine to that response I was using the 10^120 possible games in the calculation. My latest post was just showing how many positions we can currently evaluate per second. But if anyone wants to do the insane calculation of how long it will take to get through every game using today's average computing power, be my guest.
BlunderIArdlyKnowEr 2 hrs ago 0 So how many games per second would it need to play per second for it to solve chess in, say, a century? --------------------------- So Blunder, you are asking how games per second and MasterMatthew is only talking positions per second, not entire games. That would take orders of magnitude of higher computing power.
First Annual Members Only Blitz Tournament - March 10th

First Annual Members Only Blitz Tournament - March 10th

Martin_Stahl | 3 de mar. de 2023
On March 10th, we will be replacing the normally scheduled rapid event with a 3,+2 blitz tournament to celebrate US Chess passing the 100,000 member milestone for the first time in their 80 year history. When: Friday March 10th 5pm Pacific, 8 PM Eastern Where: The tournament will show up just like all normally scheduled tournaments and will be on the Play server and automatically paired. Format: Individual SwissTotal Round: 9 roundsRound times: consecutively, immediately started after the...


10 de jan. de 2023