Kingdom of Red Flowers Chess Club

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29 окт. 2020 г.
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We invite you to join the Kingdom of Red Flowers! TheGirlred founded this club on October 29, 2020, and makes it propel masterfully as the great club leader that she is.

It strives to be an idyllic and peaceful place to play chess and make new friends. We emphasize the color red because of its vividness and as a symbol of love for all cultures. We offer each other a Red Flower as a noble token of friendship and respect.

Our Kingdom is growing rapidly! We hope that your presence will enhance its citizenry through active participation in our team matches and vote chess games.

We are participating in the One World League competitions in 2023, in the TMCL 2023 and we are planning to develop a club championship series of events in the near future. We also are in the process of developing active forums including a Showcase of Club Members' Games and a Collection of Chess Haiku among many others.

Please join us!

The requirement to be admitted to our club is membership in the community for at least  two months and to have 10 daily games finished, not to belong to more than 50 clubs, and not to have a high timeout rate.