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Своя игра
Дорогие друзья и гости моего клуба! Уважаемые любители шахмат!  Я считаю своим долгом проинформировать вас о случившимся.  Вот этот участник сайт...
Chicago Area Tournaments
This is a group for all those interested in playing in any Chicago Tournaments. This group has lots of tourney Veterans that will be happy to an...
Team Mongolia
Зуун зууныг өртөөлөн дамжиж дэлхийн дайдыг морин туурайгаараа тамгалсан Монгол туургатан таны энэ өдрийн амар амгаланг айлтгая! This is the grou...
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The Green Knight Chess Team
Welcome to this club, join this club and come in the peace of green knight. We don't judge u from your rating membership or role we will judge u fr...
Wallyjack's Wonderful Wizards Of Oz
Hello my mighty friend, The Wonderful Wizards of Oz is one of the best Australian based teams on Chess.com and will become the best with mighty ch...
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Levon Aronian
This is only group representing GM Lev Aronian's fan's. Levon Aronian (Armenian: Լևոն Արոնյան; born 6 October 1982 in Yerevan) is an Armenian ches...
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Giveaway Club
Welcome to the Official Giveaway Club! The best place on chess.com to talk and learn Giveaway (aka Antichess), get feedback and advice, and learn...
Variants are the best
https://www.twitch.tv/schizzarotto  join Welcome to Variants are the best -  a very large community that currently ranks 274th in chess.com member...
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Moon's Twitch Fan Club
Hey guys! This is a fan club for @moonwarrior_1, who live streams chess on Twitch at https://www.twitch.tv/moonwarrior_1! Be sure to join the club,...
On Her Majesty's Secret  Service - HMSS
Have you ever dreamed of being like James Bond? A secret agent, under cover, on exciting missions around the world? Ever seen a spy movie and thoug...
Brasilia Distrito Federal Brazil
Este time é para jogadores que defenderão Brasília em jogos de xadrez diário (daily matches) na World Cities League e na Cities World Cup, campeona...
Este es un club para amantes del ajedrez, competimos en la modalidad de diario y en breve lo haremos en vivo. Compartimos videos y material de ajed...
Spain Raptors Fan Club
¡Hola a todos! 🙋‍♂️Este es el club oficial del equipo que representa a España en la Pro Chess League. ✔Actualmente denominado "Spain Raptors". Esta...
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_Team Kyrgyzstan_
Team Kyrgyzstan
Military Camp Of 1300+
Hello! If you are reading this then you have been invited to join the Military Camp of 1300. This is an elite group only for mebers over 1300 dail...
Team England HQ
This is a group for the admin team that runs Team England's interests in all its tournaments.
Arsenal FC.
Hello, we are about to play the UEFA Europa League Qualifying and we want to reinforce all the lines of play at all levels of our club and you were...
New Hampshire
We are Team New Hampshire! We represent NH state on USTCL. Please send your application stating your connection to NH if you want to join our club.
Welcome! Let us promote Nepalese Chess! We are the official chess group representing Nepal in chess.com, where we mainly participate in Asian Lea...
Liga Regional de Xadrez - LRX Mata Vertentes
Clube dos participantes da Liga Regional de Xadrez - LRX Mata Vertentes
C and O Family Chess Center Online and Alumni Group
The private home-group for all current, and former, C&O Family Chess Center players. 
The Bishop's Rule
Hey there! This is YOUR personal invitation to "The Bishop's Rule"! We support the Bishop pieces and want them to rule the chess board! What are yo...