Найти шахматный клуб

The London Trainer- Official Club
Join now here in the Official London Trainer Club! Learn the London System and more openings.  we need users who are not participating in <20 ...
Welcome to Letschess Community! 
NCE Chess Club
This is the official chess.com Club for my chess students in Newton Community Education.
Nebraska Players
This club is a place for Nebraska chess players to play chess tournaments online.
macedonia forever Тhis club unites Macedonians and friends from all over the world.   In 21-st century Macedonians are nation that is blackmaile...
GM Neiksans Chess Club
Hello! I'm one of the leading Latvian grandmasters Arturs Neiksans, and this is my official chess club for everyone free to join! Below are some of...
Stop Global Warming
You can advertise your Club here! This club is for showing up your ideas for saving the earth. We held tournaments also  Rules are as same as the ...
WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL Chess.com/TV Group! You've arrived at the one-stop place for All Things Chess.com/TV. Here you can get more up-close and pe...
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KVians Chess Club
This club is created to bring my favourite people back into the Chess!
San Jose Chess Club - USCF Rated
Welcome to the San Jose Chess Club - USCF rated. This club is co-owned by USCF experts and USCF certified club-level Tournament Directors Pranav ...
Brandon's Bubus
twitch.tv/gmbrandonjacobson Join the club to participate in arenas!
The Great Outdoors Chess
This group is for people who love the great outdoors and chess.
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Team Pennsylvania
This is the official team representing Pennsylvania in the U.S. State Chess League. Anyone with any connection to Pennsylvania is welcome to join. ...
Do you like chess 960? Do you like tournaments? You are right here!  Welcome to our club! Magst du Schach 960? Magst du Turniere? Dann sind ...
Alabama Chess
The Alabama Chess group is open to Alabama chess enthusiasts, especially to those who like to play online, of course. This group will occasionally ...
Golden King Official
Please join!  
Cambridge United FC
International Chess Division - We are an active and competitive open friendly group looking for members of all levels, it is the home of passionate...
Zains Chess
Zains Chess adalah sebuah klub catur online Kota Cimahi Jawa Barat yang terbuka bagi siapa saja untuk bergabung dari seluruh Indonesia
Team Norway
Bli med i Team Norway som har representert Norge i Europaligaen og Verdensligaen siden 2008! Delta i interne turneringer og spill online, vote ches...
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Exton Chess Club
Exton Chess Club is a USCF affiliated club in PA serving chess lovers in and around 20 miles of Exton, WestChester, Downingtown, Malvern, chestersp...
Rodent lovers
Hello everyone! We are a fun group of chess players that also love rodents! In our club we have people that like all sorts of rodents!    Some re...
Школа Шахмат ChessMaster
Команда Школы Шахмат ChessMaster. Здесь собирается элита, чтобы поиграть в шахматы! Канал на YouTube - https://vk.cc/5YB6RV Группа в вк - https://v...
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the gamers studio
welcome to gamers studio! we have a lot of daily tounament and matches. you will be promoted if you join!!! this is about gaming too! we all di...