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Team Costa Rica
Pura vida ! El 'Team Costa Rica' es para los jugadores ticos (dentro y fuera del país), para jugar en la 'Chess.com World League' adem&aacu...
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Team Reunion
La Team Réunion est ouverte à celles et ceux qui veulent représenter l' île de la Réunion sur chess.com. On n'a pas d'autres ambitions que de nous ...
Arlington Chess Club in Texas
Anyone of any age or playing level is welcome at our casual weekly meetings. We require no formal membership process to just walk in and play. We m...
Maya Chiburdanidze Club
 Dear Chess Lovers, Welcome to Maya Chiburdanidze’s Club!    Maya Chiburdanidze is the 6th Women's World Chess Champion. She became World Champio...
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Great Lakes Tournament Club
Weekly Tournaments For Anyone, Especially Michigan/Wisconsin. Will Increase Tournament Frequency To Meet Demand.
The Green team
We love the colour green  
Team Armenia
Team Armenia-միակ թիմն է, որը ներկայացնում է Հայաստանը Աշխարհի և Եվրոպայի պաշտոնական խաղերում: Team Armenia-ն Աշխարհի Լիգայի ամենաուժեղ՝ 1-ին դիվիզ...
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Ellen Chess Club
Welcome to Ellen Chess Club!
Magnus Carlsen VIP Lounge
welcome to VIP Lounge    This Club: "VIP Lounge" will pay off in spades when you are able to recognize your opponent’s trap and avoid it before...
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Golden Falcons
We give play to all members of our club
Team Paris
For all chess players living (or loving) in Paris, France whatever their nationality, their rating, their color of skin or their favorite sportstea...
This club for primarily for Alpha Vision Chess students, parents, and coaches in the Fremont area and local Bay Area.  Guest students and coaches a...
love chess girls
this group for girls or boys who love girls that play chess and like play chess;)
The Lightning Kings
Hello everyone. Welcome to the club lightning kings 👑.  Why you should join this club?   greetings, sir/madam. I would like to invite you to our ...
Asger's Children Of The Revolution
Welcome to the last Refugium of free-spirited humans. Active chess rebels wanted! We are Children of the Revolution: team spirit, integrity and fri...
Online version of the Dunedin Junior Chess Academy
Anime Boys And Girls Club
Death Note? Hunter x Hunter? My Hero Academia? Attack on Titans?  Join this club now if u like anime! The club's living purpose is for fun!!! It'll...
The Killer Knight
This is the club killer knight from Vietnam. Come and enjoy the best time with us with many swiss tournament, vote chess, daily puzzle and more! E...
ISKL MS Chess Club 2021
The ISKL Middle School Chess Club for 2021.
For all Bitcoin lovers, where the currency is boundary-less so as the chess game.
Mind Mentorz
Mind Mentorz utilizes the vast canvas of technology-backed online learning to reach out to the community of students, bringing them the flexibility...
The Vancouverites
Greater Vancouver chess players unite! This is the official representative of Vancouver in the World Cities League on chess.com. We play regular da...