Hitta en schacktränare som kan hjälpa dig förbättra ditt spel. De bästa schackspelarna som listas här är tillgängliga för lektioner och coaching. Kontakta en schacktränare idag.

Mikhail Lushenkov
FIDE Rating 2434
Russia, Ryssland

Hi all! I'm a chess player, streamer, videoblogger. Follow me! По вопросам обучения обращайтесь lushenkov-chess@mail.ru  https://goodgame.ru/channel/ganniklive/ https://www.twitch.tv/gannikchess  Ютуб канал с записями стримов - https://goo.gl/81jMwZ  Группа...

Joshua Colas
USCF Rating 2421
New York, USA

Hello! My name is Joshua Colas, and I am a Fide Master currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. I am an experienced tournament player (13 yrs.) and teacher. Winner of multiple National, State, City Championships, and more. I currently have 3 IM-Norms...

Ivette García Morales
Chihuahua, Mexiko

Hola Amigos! Soy la Maestra Internacional Ivette García de México, jugadora, entrenadora, comentarista y la voz en español del sitio más grande de ajedrez infantil, Chesskid.  He sido jugadora del Equipo Olímpico Mexicano en cuatro ocasiones, en las Olimpiadas...

Online Nu
Dejan Bojkov
USCF Rating 2597
Sofia, Bulgarien

Graduated National Sports Academy in Sofia as a chess coach. Former trainer of the former women champion Antoaneta Stefanova. Available for private and group lessons online. You can check my video lesson library for chess.com  here. You can follow me...

James Coleman
FIDE Rating 2207
London, England

No availability for new pupils until the beginning of September 2019, sorry. Feel free to message me to set something up for that time. Hi! I'm James Coleman from England, now 42 years old - ( so way past my prime  ) - and I started to play chess at...

Dawid Czerw
FIDE Rating 2317
Lublin, Polen

[ENG version here - LINK] Cześć! Jesteś tutaj, bo chciałbyś podnieść swój poziom gry? Obserwuj mnie na twitch.tv/dawidczerw  Jestem mistrzem FIDE z aktualnym rankingiem 2286 elo. Udzielam lekcji uczniom na każdym poziomie i w każdym...

Aleksandra Vakhania
FIDE Rating 2171

I am from Georgia! languages : English, Russian, Georgian.  I have a coaching experience of 10 years at schools and chess club NTN. Also giving private lessons. Prize holder of several Georgian youth chess championships also Russian youth chess championships.....

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Szidonia Vajda
FIDE Rating 2360
Budapest, Ungern

Hi, I am Szidónia Vajda Wgm/IM  rating 2358 member of the Hungarian national team.I have played 6 Olympiads and many other important tournaments in the last 30 years.I can share my experience happily with you,and I like very much to analyze and think...

Kelvin Sánchez
FIDE Rating 2318
Carabobo, Venezuela

Hello friends... Available for chess lessons in english and spanish... Very good rates, excellents packages and methodologies for training...  If you want more information, Contact me...  Continue Reading... You will enjoy while to know me... Introduction... Hello...

Gahan MG
FIDE Rating 2256
Bangalore, Indien

Hi, I am Gahan MG, 24 year old Fide Master  from Bangalore, India. Having an experience of over 15 years in playing tournaments from State Level to International Level. My Fide Rating is 2256 at the moment with the highest Rating of 2311 on Feb, 2018.  I...

Александр Москаленко
FIDE Rating 2558
Москва, Ryssland

Hi everyone! My name is Alexander Moskalenko.Professional chess player and coach. GM, ELO 2558, ready to give interesting and useful chess lessons to you. My experience as a coach 7 years. I give online individual lessons in English and Russian. My lessons...

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Aleksandar Randjelovic
FIDE Rating 2314

Full time, highly-professional chess coach. 18 years in chess coaching. Free correspondence games with students. Homework after each session. Fluent in English language. Author of his own programme, proven successful. Teaching method based on understanding,...

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Mateusz Bobula
FIDE Rating 2339
Krosno, Polen

My name is Mat Bobula and I am an International Master from Poland. Watch me on:https://www.twitch.tv/matbobula https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaZH-FOb0Pj7S123JpdG-RQI am chess.com Coach of the Month. You can read full article here: https://www.chess.com/article/view/coach-of-the-month-im-mateusz-bobulaGet...

Krasimir Rusev
FIDE Rating 2569
Kazanlak, Bulgarien

I am GM Krasimir Rusev, professional chess player and trainer.Member of the Bulgarian National  Chess Team.Winner of many strong  chess tournaments around the world. I graduated from the National Sports Academy in Bulgaria with a Bachelor’s degree in...

Isaac Wiebe
National Rating 2281
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Kanada

Hello Chess.com, My name is Isaac, I have been playing in chess tournaments since 2014. I started off with a rating of around 1500, but rapidly rose to a 2200+ rating in the span of four years. Part of my meteoric rise was dedication to solving chess...

Toms Kantans
FIDE Rating 2528
Riga, Lettland

I am an Grandmaster from Latvia, current fide elo 2520. I am very active and dynamic player who has worked with a lot of different coaches as well as for past few years I have been successfully coaching myself.  I believe that we should play out the...

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Paul Makarov
FIDE Rating 2212
Odessa, Ukraina

Deep chess knowledge at a competitive price!  Training chess online (Skype). From beginner level till CM. Depending on your skill level we 1) Study the chess rules 2) Build your own opening repertoire3) Analyze your personal games4) Work both on tactics...

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Cyrano Lossi
Guatemala, Guatemala

Hi everyone! My name is Cyrano Lossi, I´m an 18-yo CM from Guatemala, 4 times best U18. Keep reading for some of my achievements as a player. I´m focused on training dedicated players who want to raise their level. I teach my students with no limits from...

Alex Molchanov
FIDE Rating 2405

Let's check your mistakes and improve your skills. International Master, ELO 2405 Contact me: +380956927712 (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram) alexnmolchanov@gmail.com

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Mario Gavilan Diaz
FIDE Rating 2318
Málaga, Spanien

 Soy el MF Mario Gavilán Díaz, con un elo FIDE de 2334. Aprendí a jugar a los doce años de edad e inmediatamente me cautivó la pasión por las 64 casillas. Pronto destaqué a nivel provincial y autonómico, incluyendo algunos torneos internacionales.Sobre...

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Kevin Davidson
USCF Rating 2298

Hello!  My name is Kevin Davidson and I am a National Master with a current USCF rating of 2298.  I have eight years of volunteer and professional teaching experience, and I enjoy working with students of all ages.  I'm here for you and will do my best...

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Valer Eugen Demian
FIDE Rating 2220
Vancouver, BC, Kanada

The player - my first serious chess tournament was back in 1974, a little bit late for today's standards; over the years I have had the opportunity to play all forms of chess from OTB to postal, email and server chess. The journey as a player brought...

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Papp Petra
FIDE Rating 2337
Szeged, Ungern

I am Petra Papp (2337) WGM. My system:- Mainly teaching aggressive openings- Showing general middlegames ideas (arising from the openings)- Improving calculation+endgame skills- Analyzing instructive GM games- Analyzing your gamesI have been on the Hungarian...

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Isaac Steincamp
USCF Rating 2120
Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Join my chess.com club for my stream, Challenger's Corner, here!   Coaching Services I am currently not accepting new students online this fall. Please message me regarding availability or if you wish to be placed on my waitlist. If you want to have...

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Andrey Gutov
FIDE Rating 2501
Belovo, Ryssland

Chess Academy Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chess4days_academy/  I am an international grandmaster. World Champion 2017 for amateurs under 2400: https://amateurchess.com/aco-world-amateur-chess-championship-kos-2017/  I give chess lessons by Skype...