2024 Ballarat Chess Club Daily Championship

Start Date: May 31, 2024

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Ballarat Chess Club Daily Championship.

3 Days per move

There will be a group stage of 7 players, 2 players from each group will advance to the Championship Round.

You will play two games against each opponent one with each colour. One game at a time. The second game will begin as soon as the first game concludes. His means you will have 6 games running concurrently.

Use of chess books and chess games database permitted. If you don't have a membership on chess com the opening database in lichess is very good and free 

Chess Engines and Endgane Tablebases are not permitted.

Previous Winners
2021 - Bas Van Riel

2022 - Arun Thomas

2023 - Ruari Coffey

Good Chess Everyone 


A welcome to our non member guests

SciFiAddict | Jun 12, 2024, 1:39 AM

Hi and welcome to those who are playing in our championship who are not members of our club. Some of you have introduced yourselves to me and I will share what I know with everyone else in the tournament. 

As a In Real Life club we are  accustomed to knowing the people we are playing against, this extends to our online events. One of the club rules for online membership is that members have their names included in their profiles.

So here is a list of non members who have shared their identities with me via message. Please make them feel welcome. 

If you would like to be considered the Ballarat Chess Club Daily Champion you are welcome to take out a online associate membership with the Ballarat Chess Club.  

Guests in this years Championship
arunthomas - Arun Thomas - A local chess enthusiast from Alfredton Ballarat who discovered our club on facebook during the COVID period. Aaron has an impressive track record, having won the 2022 Ballarat Chess Club Daily Championship Tournament.
Mangoalo - Brazil - This player has not identified themselves
Malishious - Michael Stolyarov - Is a regular at the Melbourne Chess Club and has competed in the Begonia Open for the last three years. 
UnidentifiedXD1 - Luis - A promising junior from Clarendon Secondary College with a passion for chess. Luis has previously attended the Ballarat Chess Club.
Sofuseki - Sophia Malatesta - A student hailing from Rome with no prior connection to Ballarat. Found the tournament in the chess.cSom tournament list and joined. 
Anonymous4600  - This player has yet to identify themselves.
JoCro02 - Josh Cronin who has been engaged with club since 2020 
SlowMagneticLava - Neil - Neil is a junior from the Sydney Chess Academy. He 7yo  with a FIDE 1478. 

Club Members Competing for this years Championship
SciFiAddict - Scott Stewart
HarryAna_Chess - Vipin Jyani 
Mentok47 - Michael Lekke
Steve_Nimmo - Steven Nimmo
Peter_s68 - Peter Stickland
peacook23 - Patrick Cook
AgbarTheBarb - Lucas Ware
dramy - Anna Yates
Crouton Crouton - Morgan Colgrave
randOmpatz3rOnTwitch - Andrew Liu

Past Ballarat Chess Club Daily Chess Champions

SciFiAddict | Jun 12, 2024, 1:02 AM

Greeting Everyone, 
I hope everyone is enjoying the games.

After discussions with the club secretary I have gone back through previous tournaments and determined who the Ballarat Chess Club Daily Champions are. The distinction being that to be a Ballarat Chess Club Champion you need to be a financial member at the time of the tournament.

So despite events being won by others they were not necessarily the best preforming club members.

You can find information on how to become a financial member of the club here  We offer both full club membership and an online associate club membership ($20).

On behalf of the Ballarat Chess Club I would like to extend congratulations to the following club members.

Past Ballarat Chess Club Daily Champions

2021 - Bas van Riel

2022 - Michael Lekke

2023 - Paul Dao


2024 Ballarat Chess Club Daily Championship

SciFiAddict | Jun 1, 2024, 5:11 PM

Hi everyone,

Best of luck in your games.

Most of us in this event are members of the Ballarat Chess Club. A few of us have joined through links on our webpage , Facebook or discord channel. I have noticed we don't have a name for some players. As a In Real Life club we do ask people identify themselves. If not on your profile please share in the tournament notes as little about yourself. If you win the event your name will be added to the club archives. I will be writing up some tournament reports and games as well  for our webpage and it's our usual practice to refer to players by their names and not their chess dotcom names.

You are more than welcome to join our online club, discord channel and follow our Facebook page. If you require more details don't hesitate to ask.