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Bushido: The Way Of The Warrior

Start Time: Jan 8, 2013

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

The Japanese understanding of the word is predicated on the samurai moral code stressing frugalityloyaltymartial arts mastery, and honour unto death. Born from Neo-Confucianism during times of peace in Tokugawa Japan and following Confuciantexts, Bushido was also influenced by Shinto and Zen Buddhism, allowing the violentexistence of the samurai to be tempered by wisdom and serenity



  • The hot new Super Group,and you're invited.

    Steve212000 | Mar 2, 2013, 2:34 AM

      Join with us as we fight against the Galactic Empire, Order of the Sith, and all others who would stand in the way of justice and freedom! [Members of "Order of the Jedi" may not be members of "Order of the Sith"]. THE JEDI CODE: There is no emotion, there is peace. There is no ignorance, there is knowledge. There is no passion, there is serenity. There is no chaos, there is harmony. There is no death, there is the Force.



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