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Chess960: The Best Chess For Success! #1

Start Time: Mar 23, 2010

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Welcome to Chess960: The Best Chess For Success! Tournament #1


It is meant to introduce all chess.com players to the most exciting Chess Variant defined by one of the Best Chess Players ever:

Chess960 (a.k.a. Fischer Random Chess or simply FRC)


If you are an experienced "Orthodox Chess" player and you want to 'take a break' studying theory lines, or you like simply testing your positional creativity and tactical talent, then this is your tournament!

(Devoted Chess960  players are welcome to participate too! Wink)

Before we start, I will post information about how to play, specific rules and further details for the assigned random Starting Position*.



Let's play Chess960 and above all: HAVE FUN!



This tournament is brought to you by:



The most complete Chess960 resources on the net!


You can visit us here: Chess960 RandomChess


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  • Welcome to the Tournament!

    kokino | Mar 24, 2010, 6:20 AM

    Dear participants,


    First of all, a warm welcome to all players and thanks for your participation. I hope you all enjoy the tournament and your corresponding chess960 games.


    As promised, I will post a quick chess960 guideline for all of you who are just starting on this chess variant.


    - Take your time on the opening and first moves, as they are esential for a good game development.

    On the Opening in Chess960 (FRC)

    - You must learn how to castle before start playing as it will condicionate your plans and game strategies.

    Rules for Castling in Chess960


    Besides, you might want to go further and learn more about this chess variant, therefore I recommend you to surf our group forum:

    stuck thread Chess960 RandomChess Forum Index


    Finally, you can check on the thread corresponding to the Starting Position used in all the games of this tournament:


    SP - 618 RNQKBBRN

    Feel free to participate actively of that thread, posting your games, analysis and personal opinion about this SP.






    PS. You are all kindly invited to join our group especifically devoted to this chess variant:


    (click on the logo to join inmediately)

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