Moon Pigeons of Paradise

Start Date: Mar 3, 2024

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On a distant planet inhabited primarily by avian wildlife, there exists a paradise of nocturnal pigeons who are fed by the humans grateful for their splendor. 

All participants are entitled to refer to "moon pigeons," "nocturnal moon pigeons," "pigeons of paradise," etc., when serenading their significant other and attempting to woo them.

My recommendation is a line like

"One day, I shall take you beyond the skies to visit the pigeons of the moon & their paradise next to the sea." 

"Someday, we shall all be joined by the guardian pigeons of the night who will share with us their colorful majesty whilst we gaze at the pregnant moon as she charms the sea..."

Bonus: if we make it into the Kingdom of God, we will have a special moon pigeon party tournament. 

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