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Rapid Chess960 Knock-Outs

Start Time: May 3, 2010

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

Welcome to the 1st RAPID CHESS960 KNOCK-OUTS!


This is a Chess960 tournament with 2 days / move, no vacations allowed and open to all chess.com members.

If you like fast turn-based games, you are bored with those players making minimum moves and in the meantime, you like Chess960, then this is your tournament.



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You can visit us here: Chess960 RandomChess and if you like the group then join us. Smile



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  • Welcome to the tournament!!

    kokino | May 5, 2010, 2:40 AM

    Dear Chess960 players,


    First of all, thanks for joining this tournament. Your participation is highly appreciated and I hope you all enjoy interesting and above all, instructive games.


    This is a NON VACATION tournament so please take this into account:

    If you don't move on your games in the 2 days period you will irreversively that game.

    There are some helpful tools provided by chess.com to avoid losing on time, as for instance making the moves using your cell phone:



    Regarding Chess960, if you are not used to play this chess variant and you are interested in learning more about it I suggest you to join this group:


    (click on the logo to join inmediately)


    You can check the group home page which will guide you through the most useful threads and articles posted there:

    stuck thread Chess960 RandomChess Guide

    Please feel free to post on the corresponding thread your games, comments, analysis of the Starting Position used on this tournament:

    SP - 760 RBKNBNRQ


    Any other questions do not hesitate to contact me or post them here on the tournament forum.

    Best Regards,


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