The Very Fast Daily (VFD) 2023 Open

Start Date: Sep 28, 2023

Finish Date: Jan 18, 2024

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This is a "No Vacation" tournament!

The Very Fast Daily (VFD) 2023 Open

Who is the best Daily player of 2023 who is classed as 'Very Fast' by ?

The tournament will start 29th September or when 162 players have registered. This will be the largest VFD tournament yet.

Format: 27 groups of 6 players maximum in Round 1, from which 2 players advance, 4 rounds total with a 6 way final.

This format may alter slightly if tie-breaks can't limit group qualifiers to just 2 players, but you will never have more than 10 simultaneous games.

This is a NO VACATION tournament.

Clicking JOIN automatically checks for 'Very Fast' players with <6% timeouts and at least 25 previously completed games. These restrictions are intended to help ensure a high quality, competitive experience for all played over a relatively short time frame.

Each round usually takes about 16-17 days to complete based on previous VFD tournaments. I don't know if the tournament will fill up entirely, there may not even be 162 Very Fast Daily players total on!

If you want to check your time per move average, you can see it here by pasting the below line into your browser: (replace eadwig2 with your user name)

The magic number is "time_per_move" in seconds. To qualify entrants must be under 10,800 (1 move every 3 hours on average). 


If a player falls substantially below the Very Fast average speed they may be removed from the tournament after a warning. This is to ensure a quality experience for the majority who play within the VFD spirit and to avoid everyone else waiting for someone who thinks 1 move a day is acceptable. It isn't - not over a prolonged period while dozens of others all wait for you!

PLEASE PLAY FAIRLY and avoid withdrawals and timeouts if at all possible, this helps ensure a high quality experience for all participants.

Good Luck!



d4 Trainer - Englund Gambit

Eadwig2 | Oct 17, 2023, 2:36 PM

The Englund Gambit... a famously trash opening. Right?

But if you are a d4 player you still need to know how to play against it. There are a number of tricky traps you can blunder into if you're not careful. I know. I've blundered into most of them in my time.

This is a tournament is set up so you play each opponent as both white and black starting with the Englund gambit already on the board. I don't believe I've ever played it as black so I hope to learn something from that point of view.

I have no idea how popular (or not) this tournament might be so it is a bit of an experiment.

At the moment there is a max. of 49 players in 7 groups, with just 1 person advancing from each to a single final group. That is a maximum of 12 concurrent games but the groups may well end up being smaller with less games to play.

This is a Very Fast Daily (VFD) tournament for Daily players classed as 'Very Fast' by Having played in this open you should all know that means a higher quality experience than 99% of other Daily tournaments, especially in the first round.

Take a look and feel free to join up if you are interested.