Snail Squad

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23 Ağu 2022
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Snail Squad<3

Ik ur probably really sick of club invites but plsssssssssss read


So, a couple months ago, we were a really fun and active club with fun games and active members, but then, someone destroyed our club by banning all our members, but after a lot of hard work, we finally arrived back at our original number of members but since then we haven't been as active as many people have lost hope in the club. That's why new members are so important, to help reactivate the club, everyone here is amazing and kind and reeeeallyyyyyyy fun to be around (especially the owner @Cocoa_Butterscotch) So plllssssss it would mean a lot to us if you would join!

Uhhhh just plssss joinnn

That was @Silver-snow-flakes lol! What she wrote is true... anyway I'm the owner and i will die if u don't join 

well u dont really need to and only the best people will be invited so its kinda limited but dont be scared to press the join button. Trust me <3