Play Like Vishy Anand

Play Like Vishy Anand

Find the greatest moves of World Champion Anand's career!

Former World Champion Vishy Anand is one of the strongest chess players in history and still going strong. Follow along for five of Vishy's greatest games, including wins against his fellow champions, Kasparov, Kramnik and Carlsen. Start playing like Anand today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Find Anand's most famous combination against GM Joel Lautier!
  • Find the moves in Anand's World Championship game victory against Magnus Carlsen!
  • Find the way Anand shocked Kramnik in the 2008 World Championship!
  • Find Anand's brilliant combinations in his win against Aronian, one of the most spectacular games ever played!

Play Like Vishy Anand: Anand vs Kasparov

Garry Kasparov was a nemesis of the young Anand. Kasparov won a 1995 match 10.5 - 7.5. However, Vishy won his share of games as well, including this crushing victory in 1991.
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Play Like Vishy Anand: Anand vs Lautier

Vishy once played the rare Scandinavian Defense in a World Championship match, but his best ever Scandinavian was on the White side against French GM Joel Lautier.
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Play Like Vishy Anand: Kramnik vs Anand

In 2008 Anand won a World Championship Match against his predecessor for the title, Vladimir Kramnik. Amazingly, Vishy won two of the first five games with the Black pieces.
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Play Like Vishy Anand: Aronian vs Anand

In this game from the 2013 Tata Steel tournament, Vishy dealt Levon his only loss by returning to the Semi-Slav. Follow along and see one of Anand's greatest attacking games.
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Play Like Vishy Anand: Anand vs Carlsen

Anand played two title matches against Magnus Carlsen. This game was his greatest achievement in those matches.
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