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    will there be a continuation?

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    A nice brain workout!! :)

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     I am a beginner, and got quite lost with all the calculations. But it makes me realize I am really bad at it. Well I knew it, but you know... I have to practice, and your  video was just great to do so. I want more like this !! :-) Thank you mister Liu !! :-)

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    that was my friends game, flamethro

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    tanks my friends

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    Splendid! lookoing forward to the rest...Tal once thought for 50 minutes(against Larsen)before declining the f7 sac,the most famous sacrifice he DIDN'T make.He was critisized after for not doing so;the man suffered similar for many semi-unsound sacs he did make.GM Larry Evans commented on it thus;"Damned if you do,and damned if you don't...if your name is Mikhail Tal".I have always felt this variation was unsound,I tried(as a kid)to make c5+ work but could not find a win for white.

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    Great lecture! I have been looking for a long time for an instruction like this. I wish lecturers here on tried to engage viewer's brain more often. Since this is the best way to improve.

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    Maybe this could be the start of a new type of lecture or section on the website, involving visualisation. I think visualisation is an important and much under-used part of chess learning. I'd like to see what thinks about this.

    I would like to reply to bloodymuzzle's comment:

    "i watch these videos to learn things and receive information... every time the author says "look and this and try to figure out the move" i feel like it is wasted time."

    What's the point being spoon-fed information all the time, it doesn't engage your brain enough. Like anything in life, you have to work hard to get anywhere (unless you're lucky). Only by pushing yourself will you improve and learn more, true in life as it is in chess!

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    Thanks for the mental exercise. Dang!

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    Excellent instructive video.  very good format idea.  

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  • 6 years ago


    i watch these videos to learn things and receive information... every time the author says "look and this and try to figure out the move" i feel like it is wasted time.

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    Mentally taxing!!

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    i wish i knew what you guys were talking about!

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    awesome video.  I felt you really made me work on my calculation skills in this one.  Keep it up!


    I noticed that in the Kb6 Qe2 line, black has another defense that might be worth a mention...  c6.  This stops the mate threat on b5, and it prevents dxc6ep in your main line.  Still a quick mate for white though:

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      Bravo, Elliott! Nothing was spoon-fed. We (the viewers) were forced to calculate as it should be in learning and playing chess. Hope this video spawns more like it.

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    razorblade was right on the money.....amazing AND fun !!

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    that was actually amazing! i cant wait for the continuation :P

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    It is crazy when the King is running all over the board like that!

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