Member Analysis

Member Analysis

Sep 24, 2015, 12:00 AM |
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One of the tips that you will hear from top-level players over and over again is that you MUST study your own games. is here to do some of the hard work for you as the best coaches on go over member games. They will highlight the most important errors on both sides of the board and provide solutions for improvement.

This series is one of our best resources for club-level players as you will see some of the most common errors repeated by you and your opponents on a daily basis.

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FM Elliott Liu

FM Elliot Liu has an outstanding reputation for clean and clear explanations. Pay attention as he cuts right to the core of chess thinking by laying out how strategies are developed in the opening and take shape in the early middlegame.

Member Analysis: Liu Analyzes Games!

Member Analysis: Liu Analyzes Games 2!

A Nice Walk In the Park: Absolute Craziness

GM Sam Shankland

It's about to get real as GM Sam Shankland goes deep with a two-part series featuring a hair-raising game in the Dragon Sicilian.

Member Analysis: Manjinit v. Takeosao

Member Analysis: Manjinit v. Takeosao 2

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili

GM Roman Dzindzichashvili is one of the most prolific chess video authors anywhere. His reputation as a coach is for concise explanations that do not over-simplify the problem. With dozens of recorded Member Analysis videos in his library, one can go a long way towards developing a complete and rich strategic perspective on the game with Dzindzichashvili's help.

Member Analysis: Instructive Member Game

Member Analysis: Instructive Games 2

Member Analysis: Amanultra v. Quale

Member Analysis: Exigentsky v. Clarosdajang

Member Analysis: Misplaying Middlegame Positions

Member Analysis: Instructive and Unbalanced Errors

Member Analysis: Making Opening Decisions

Member Analysis: Ignoring General Principles

Member Analysis: Super Sharp Struggle

Member Analysis: Ratings DON'T Matter!

Member Analysis: Lack of a Plan

Member Analysis: Right Idea, Wrong Execution!

Member Analysis: Mistakes in the Sicilian

Member Analysis: Opening Potpourri!

Member Analysis: Failure to Defend Actively!

Member Analysis: Badly Placed Pieces

Member Analysis: How To Use Dominant Pieces

Member Analysis: Wrong Middlegame Plan

Member Analysis: Violation of Basic Principles

Member Analysis: Interesting Mating Attack

Member Analysis: Long-Term Compensation

Member Analysis: Third Time's the Charm!

Member Analysis: Handing Over the Initiative

Member Analysis: Failure to Restrict Pieces

Member Analysis: Difficult Defensive Task

Member Analysis: Defend with Counterplay!

Member Analysis: Opting for a Bad Structure

Member Analysis: Need to Know in the Lopez!

Member Analysis: Don't Skip Development!

Member Analysis: Early Sacrifice!

Member Analysis: Wrong Rook!

Member Analysis: Missed Opportunities!

Member Analysis: Be Aggressive!

Member Analysis: Endgame Catastrophe!

Member Analysis: Positions Have No Memory!

Member Analysis: Endgame Mistake!

Member Analysis: Giving Away the Advantage!

Member Analysis: You Delay, You Pay!

Member Analysis: The Move From Hell!

Member Analysis: Just Win Already!

Member Analysis: From Lost to Winning in One Move!

Member Analysis: Neutral Moves!

Mistakes To Avoid: Member Analysis

How To Avoid Bad Planning: Member Analysis

Go On A Kamikaze Mission: Member Analysis

You Must Pay Close Attention: Member Analysis

Right Idea, Bad Execution: Member Analysis

Make Opponents Pay For Mistakes: Member Analysis

Blunders To Avoid: Member Analysis

Blitz Blunders: Member Analysis

Why You Need A Plan: Member Analysis

Blow Up The Center: Member Analysis

Get The Best From A Bad Position: Member Analysis

Use Simple Logic: Member Analysis

Corrupted Opening: Member Analysis

Be Tactically Alert: Members Analysis

The British are Coming

IM David Pruess

IM David Pruess provides a personal touch, showing members exactly where they played correctly and incorrectly. Pruess particularly highlights trends in the game, showing how once strong positions can gradually slip away.

Member Analysis: Principles in the King's Gambit

MA: Slave to your Preferences

MA: Finding (and Using!) Your Advantages

Member Analysis: How to Play with Extra Material

GM Dejan Bojkov

Enjoy a high-level perspective from GM Dejan Bojkov as he provides incisive analysis in popular and complicated openings. Bojkov's analysis will help players of all levels as Bojkov never sacrifices precision for simplicity.

Member Analysis: Fighting for the Initiative

Member Analysis: Sacrifice in the Sozin

Member Analysis: Fried Queen in the Fried Liver

Member Analysis: Buried Alive!

Member Analysis: King's Flank Attack!

IM Daniel Rensch

"If you can dodge a Rensch, you can dodge a ball!" This is just one of many coaching tips that has never been credited to IM Danny Rensch. See what he does have to say as one of's most legenadary teachers takes the stage!

Member Analysis: Never Assume Anything!

Member Analysis: Little Mistakes Lead to Big Mistakes!

Member Analysis: The Forgotten Servant of Strategy!

Member Analysis: Isolated Exceptions!

Member Analysis: Understanding & Using the Center!

Member Analysis: Priceless, Practical Advice!

Member Analysis: The Principles of a Race Attack!

Member Analysis: The Race Continues...

Member Analysis: Managing Space!

Member Analysis: The Psychology of the Initiative!

Member Analysis: Something Bad Will Happen! 


Two of's most popular video series come together as the format of the Live Sessions is merged with Member Analysis.'s instructors take on volunteering students and record their criticisms and suggested improvements during the game.

Live Session Hybrids: Meet GambitGareth!

Live Session Hybrids: Gambit or Technique?

Live Session Hybrids; Double the Fun!

Live Session Hybrids: How to Create an Attack!

Live Session Hybrids; Double the Fun!

Live Session Hybrids; Develop Pans... Not Pieces!

Live Session Hybrids; A Back and Forth Battle — Part 1!

Live Session Hybrids; A Back and Forth Battle — Part 2!

Live Session Hybrids; Double the Fun!

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