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    I can't find the first video, is there one?

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    @ Zarmi22: Black can't "counter-triangulate", because after Ka3 Kc3? the king leaves the square of the c-pawn. c5! simply queens the pawn...Smile

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    Woah! Great idea for a video series! There should be more videos explainig the connection between openings and typical endgames that those openings lead to. 

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    At 6:20, you talk about the triangulation. I wonder : what if the opponent make a triangulation to : Ka3 Kc3, Ka4 Kd3, Kb4 Kd4. And white achieved nothing. 

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    I was not expecting a lesson on pawn endgames, but I got a well-needed one :)

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    Thank you so much for this excellent video.  I will be practising tLaughinghese ideas. 

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    GM dbojkov

    I remember people complaining from the Berlin endgames at one of the broadcasts here, on It was the time that I realized that some players are just not aware how many hidden ideas there are behind the arising endgames, and I am happy that people now start to appeciate them Wink 

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    Great video, you got your ideas and plans across very clearly. What I really like is that rather than saying "oh white just has an advantage when he trades off all the pieces because of the 4v3, trust me" and leaving it at that, you actually showed us how to win the endgame. While maybe we can discover the method over the board, its much better to just know how to do it without having to be creative on the spot.

    Also while I may not play the berlin (Im a caro player ;)), so many top level players are using it that understanding the ideas is a big benefit to my ability to enjoy their games.

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    great ideas for everyone!

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    GM dbojkov

    @cfschess- Ablitz match for the world championship? From the old ones, 24 games? This is how weplayed in our club Cool

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    Such a strange and unusual late game position with all those pawns. Very interesting how you manipulate and move them around gently. I think I have difficulty with that. Thanks for the informative video.

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    this is going to  start a long night of non-stop chess

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    In the first set up, the king is the only active piece.

    In video one of this series, we saw that common black strategy is to set up a baracade on the king side. In this video  we see a continuation with black counter attacking on the queenside. White sets up his own barricade with pawns on A4, B3, C4.  Although one typically does not move pieces on the weak side in this case it makes sense because it equalizes three white pawns to four black.

    Now white, pushes kingside pawns, seaking to create a passed pawn. Black wants to set up barricade, active resistence with pawn to g5 or passive with H6 for example. White wants to create outside pawns, luring the black king to side of board, and white countering to the queenside, harvesting queenside pawns.

    Final note - if black wants to play Berlin try to avoid pawn end games.


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    I'm a huge fan of GM Bojkov's video's, they are extremely instructive, has a great sarcastic sense of humour to help things along too, but the thing I love best is that they don't sound "too prepared" in other words, improvisation - coming up with new ideas/lines, mistakes and variations on the spot and sometimes takes back an idea when a better one suddenly appears, it's great stuff and helping my chess loads! Cool

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    Haha no, Bojkov has a great sense of humour too. In instructional videos, you don't get the conversational aspect as much as in danny's live sessions.

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    GM dbojkov

    Danny has the advantage of the fluent English :) But I will catch up with him Wink

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    20 minutes for 20 rating points... thanks Dejan!

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    Really instructive.  Thge main difference in Dejan's videos and Dannys is Danny's humor, which I dearly love, bty.

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