Berlin Endgame Video Series

Berlin Endgame Video Series

| 7 | Opening Theory

Test your knowledge: which opening did Vladimir Kramnik lean on to equalize his chances as Black in the 2000 world chess championship, where he would eventually defeat the greatest chess player of all time?

Fill in the blank: The 2014 world chess championship between Magnus Carlsen and Viswanathan Anand featured the _______________ in four of 11 games.

If you found the answer to these extremely complex riddles, then we will assume you also see the pattern here. 

True or false: All four Berlin Wall games in the 2014 championship went to an endgame. TRUE!

The lesson is clear: you need to know the Berlin endgame to play world championship chess. 

Berlin Endgames Part 1: Intro To The Structure! Learn about one of the most commonly reached structures in the Ruy Lopez today. In the introduction to his new series, GM Bojkov reviews the "endgame formation" reached via the Berlin Defense, the Exchange Lopez, and other sidelines. (Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 2: Black's Pawn Nightmare! GM Bojkov's description of White's positional advantages in the infamous "Ruy Lopez Endgame" should be instructive for both all levels of chess players. His practical examples display excellent technique for the first player and leave you with a confident understanding of this endgame. (Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 3: The Knight Endgame This next epic video that features a special guest. Put your hands together for the only piece on the board with enough courage to represent the animal kingdom, the knight. (Intermediate and Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 4: Bishops Of The Same Color Will the next minor piece step right up?! Enjoy GM Bojkov's detailed look into the "Spanish Endgames" commonly reached via the Berlin Defense with a discussion about the bishops. (Intermediate and Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 5: Black's Strong Bishop Pair  Up next, Dejan is going to finally show some advantages for Black -- most notably, when he hangs onto the bishop pair. (Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 6: Light-Squared Bishops Black needs to keep some sort of imbalance in the position in order to be successful, and the imbalance of the day is opposite-colored bishops.  (Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 7: The Dangerous e5-e6 Break  White should be excited about this next one. Watch as GM Bojkov exposes Black's greatest weakness in the Berlin Defense!   (Advanced)

Berlin Endgames Part 8: File Control In Rook Endgames If you are unfamiliar with rook endings and the importance of files, then you are watching the wrong videos and should click here. Rook endings in the Berlin are very tough to win. Watch and learn as GM Bojkov teaches you how to strong arm your way out of a dead lock using pure ninja skills! (Advanced)

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