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    Of several Odds and Ends in the French videos I've seen that cover the King's Indian Attack against the French, this is the best. It offers several ways for the French player to handle the KIA. Simon's, Polgar's and Ziegler's videos,  while good, are not as good as Tatev's versatile take on the same. Nice! And thank you.  

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    Ocasionally with presentations of this sort positions and assessments are reached that I cannot understand. At around 4.06 after a5 you dissmiss the g4 plan. But to my sub-Carlsenesque positional sense the position after a5 g4 Nh6  Qe4 g6 h3 looks extremely dangerous and the 'h6' knights looks apalling. But what do I know?

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    Unfortunately, the pgn-file supplied with the video is blank.

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                      Thanks alot ,this series has been very enjoyable!  I would love to see a few of your middle game attacks on whites queen side to get the whole picture on  the advantages of playing the French!  I heard some believe the French to be passive and would love to see a few counter attacks that discredit those opinions. 

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    Good ideas! This will help my French Defence.

  • 3 years ago

    NM NoRematch

    The "Get PGN" link doesn't get to moves that match the video.  Frown

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    Nice video, I like how you talk about 78 different possibilities of the French!  Cool

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    Great series!

    I hope you re-visit the topic in a couple of years with updates and perhaps covering other lines vs 3) Nc3.


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