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    just got someone using this :) I didn't know the ideas but only the first 4 or 5 moves. Thank you for the ideas and not giving unexplained lines Laughing

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    very interesting.

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    G6 was played to prevent Queen H5 in the future!!!

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    i like ur style man!!!!!!!!

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    Wow, I've had this played against me, and who knew there could be a deep strategic idea behind it.  Applicable to some other positions too it seems.


    Now if only I can get a fully systematic way of making safe moves w/o blundering, then I could implement this kind of strategy.

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    thanks for the insite to this opening

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    good stuff to think about, thanks

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    17:00 ...sadnes in his voice when he says "I dont know the reason for this move" Cry... and then few seconds of

    nice lesson.


     Didnt (Zefram) Cochraneinvented warp drive?

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    hmm interesting, abit to early to trade though.

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    Clear and concise.  Thank you.

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    Exellent lecture.  I have messed around a few times with this opening as white in blitz when I didn't feel like getting into my oppenent's superior Petroff knowledge.   And of course, I was playing it completely wrong, thinking since the enemy king is exposed and being down material, I needed to attack like a madman.   This lecture fixed all these problems ... outstanding.

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    IM Pruess is a good teacher.  Take his lecture more seriously guys.

    You might be the victim of the next Cochrane gambit.

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    Great video! I found it of great interest, as I have a thread running right now titled "who's winning". The question is asked: In this position, who's winning? You gave me great ideas on how to assess the value of pawns and pieces in a simple to understand mathematical way. This method of assessment you use will help me in evaluating positions in the future diagrams that I post. Perhaps I will also be making better decisions when playing chess. Thank you! Smile

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    FM BecomeanIM

    Is this one of the only videos in the world on the cochrane gambit?  possibly..

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    Weird moves. Next time please talk about more moves and why didn't you explain about all the good moves. And why play g4??! Are you white or black? 

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    a 2nd grade girl taught me that in the first grade.

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    I found it helpfull thank you

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    Good Example.

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