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    1:24-1:47 interesting

  • 4 years ago

    CM steinitz_attack

    Awesome system.

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    Looks nice.

    I love playing the caro-kann myself. Have a few books about it. The book I love the most is from Grandmaster Repertoire: The Caro-kann written by Lars Schandorff.

    Seems he can write another book about the Bd3 move Innocent

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    Amazing ... I really want to study this line a lot because I find the Caro to be one of the harder openings to deal with.  I've been using the f3 line which is a little weird but this one seems more straight forward.  Thank you!

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    In game one, why not 5 ... Qc7 to prevent Bf4. Thanks great video

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    nice video!

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    wow i learned

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    Hello Roman! I'm just wondering, after 8.Nd2, why can't Black just castle Queenside? A sample variation: 8...0-0-0! 9.Qc2 e6 10.Ngf3 Nh5! (a key move in these positions) and Black is fine.

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    Always a great instructive video, GM Roman!  Thank you.  And I wanted to ask you, please, if you would use more visuals, like the "red arrows", to help understand more clearly just what you are doing.  It seems that sometimes you tell us why you did this or that, but the auditory explanations would be helped greatly with more visual aids.

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    FM gauranga

    Very interesting ideas and positions that are not easy to evaluate and as he said it looks like Black was fine at different points, but they weren't. These are unusual ideas that will force the opponent to think outside the box. I like the different types of videos here at

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    for some reason when i watch roman play, i feel like he has some immortality aspect to sessions! =P

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    Dan McClintic must have been looking at a different game than I did.

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    at the end of the second game can white play Qxf5, because if black takes the queen, white takes blacks queen and end up a piece?

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    What was the title of the "part 1" im having trouble finding it in the database. Excellent video, very instructive!

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    Your vids have ALWAYS been INCREDIBLE Roman! I had asked a while back if you would go into a lttle more detail as to why some moves were just positively  correct over others, and you have been giving much more detail IMO for us lower rated guys who simply can't see, what you see, and so effortlessly! I thank you for your amazing teaching skills and for explaining a lot more of why certain key moves are made, or not made for that matter!

    A million thanks Roman!


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    Roman, awesome stuff!  Please keep giving us this.

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    Always awesome

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    Good  stuff to know.

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